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Hail and Farewell March 12, 2008

Posted by judylobo in Politics.


As you all know – Eliot Spitzer has just resigned. I am sad and disappointed that such a bright light of hope has let us all down. I feel sorry for his family, his friends and for all of New York State. Some of my fellow politicos had held out the hope that he would someday be a Presidential candidate. I never thought that would happen but I did have hopes that he would break the bottleneck that has impeded our State for so many years. What could have been is now not going to happen. I hope that our new Governor, David Paterson, has the will to finish out this long term and do some good for our State.

Check out wikipedia’s extensive overview of political scandals over the years from the juiciest gossipy sex scandals to cover-ups, murder, conflicts of interest, Federal and State offenses. If you scroll all the way down to bottom of this lengthy entry you will see the latest headliner, Eliot Spitzer.



1. bonnieluria - March 12, 2008

How do you sift through 12 million zoo images to find the perfect poses? Now THOSE are funny!
Maybe some day your Lobo’s rants banner can read :
Commentaries on our political state…….ahhh, but I suspect the rants will prevail.

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