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Woes for a Wednesday March 12, 2008

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sealionblog.jpgThe lapdog press attended Bush’ last Gridiron dinner the other night in Washington, DC. Even though the Press was supposed to keep this event to themselves, someone video-taped this video of one of Bush’ attempts to be funny. It is NOT funny. I do not think anything this man does is funny and get very queasy when I see the supposed neutral press suck up to this guy and his cohorts. By the way, the NY Times now refuses the invitation to this dinner. Does anyone else think the Press has no place cozying up to the people they report on?

– The Eliot Mess continues with New York State in a state of paralysis. Although, it seems to me, New York State is always in a state of paralysis. Spitzer has not made any decision yet as to resignation or fighting to keep his job. Stay tuned.

– Those Pale Male and Lola watchers report there is nesting activity back at the nest on 5th Avenue again. Fingers crossed.

– Whoa! Stop the presses! The House of Representatives passed an important resolution to create an independent, bipartisan panel of non-lawmakers to help review and investigate possible ethics violations by House members. By a vote of 229-182, the House created the six-member Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE), which will have the power to initiate and conduct ethics investigations and issue reports and recommendations to the House Ethics Committee. By the way, the resolution does not affect the Senate, which has done nothing to improve the enforcement of ethics rules.

– Good News Department: Rare Sumatran tiger gives birth at San Francisco Zoo on March 7, 2008.

– The race (or should I say slog) to the White House continues with Obama taking Mississippi dividing those delegates, 17 to 14. My count has Obama at 1606 with Clinton’s 1484. The all important Super Delegates today tally 211 for Obama and 247 for Clinton. Byt he way, Eliot Spitzer is a Super Delegate committed to Hillary. If he resigns he loses his Super Delegate status.

– Dem’s fighting words: Geraldine Ferraro said a stupid thing and a big hoopla is unfolding until someone in either camp says another stupid thing. She said “If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position.” I, actually think that comment was somewhat ironic. I mean, do you really think it is an advantage to be a black man in America? Come on.

Al Franken is running for the democratic nomination for Senate seat in Minnesota. Al Franken’s main competition for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate dropped out Monday, giving the comedian-turned-candidate a major boost. I think I will send Al some more campaign money. He would be a great asset in this beleagured Senate.

– Always leave ’em laughing. Enjoy the Stone Zoo Dancing Flamingos!



1. bonnieluria - March 12, 2008

What’s worse than this not being funny is:
It might have BEEN a little funny, the teeniest bit amusing, the minute-ist bit jocular, if he at least wrote those offensive, it’s happening to others and not me, lyrics. But of course, he didn’t.
And if someone wishes to present themselves so flagrantly amused at being an untouchable, they can, of course. This is America, right? What made me spit out my coffee was the fraternal laughter in the room and the standing ovation!!! At the mention of Brownie- the gaffawing!! It’s really sick.
Good riddance and not a nano second too soon.
Loved the flamingos though.
Did you know that St. Croix holds the Guinness record for largest Electric Slide Contest?

2. Paul Roz - March 12, 2008

Al Franken’s main competitor did not drop out. He’s still in it, and his name is Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer. Jack is well ahead of “main competitor”, Mike Ciresi in delegate count for the endorsement. He also has a far stronger volunteer organization than Ciresi, in fact stronger than Franken’s.
I can only guess you got the idea that Ciresi has been the “main” competor based on telling yourself that, and listening to pundits say so, since there has never been any evidence that he ever was the “main” competitor.

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