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March Madness March 13, 2008

Posted by judylobo in Photography, Politics, Videos.

handbite.jpgHillary Clinton apologizes to black voters for the stupid, divisive, disgraceful comments that her campaign supporters have uttered. Apologies by politicians are often empty words followed by little change in attitude or behavior. Hillary is smart and saw the collective fallout of these statements were having an impact on her ability to continue her slog to the White House. The apology was overdue but better late than never, right?

– Keith Olbermann directed one of his special commentaries towards this divisive issue. It is a passionate ten minute comment. Take the time to listen please.

– The disgraced Eliot Mess is now focused of course on the 22 year old hooker, ‘Kristen’. This 22 year old looks like any other kid you might see walking down the street. She was in Federal Court on Monday. She is going to be a witness for the proscecution against the four people who were running the prostitution ring. Gail Collins writes brilliantly today about the ‘unwelcome surprises’, we, the electorate sometimes get when we pull that lever in the voting booth.

– Here’s a stupid waste of time activity for you: Make your own Church Sign.

– Tired of your view? Want a change of venue? Need a new panorama? Check out this view of Mars.

– How about those amazing Northern Lights?

– The Oddest Book Titles Prize has been announced. Check out the list which incudes: I Was Tortured By the Pygmy Love Queen

– Check out the Map of Strange things on Google Maps.

Karl Rove appeared at the University of Iowa – – on Sunday. Turns out the heartland is not very open to his presence at their school. Watch and squirm:



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