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Tuesday Melange March 18, 2008

Posted by judylobo in Animal Stories, Animal Videos, Photography, Politics, Videos, Zoos.
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piggyback.jpgA short word or two about economics. Buy low, sell high. That is about what I know about economics. Oh yes, I also know that if you cannot afford something – you should not buy it. We are in a big mess and the foxes are in charge of the hen house. On my recent trip to Vietnam, I learned that most people do not trust their banks (or the Government) and keep their money at home. Perhaps they keep their money in their mattresses. Anyhow – we learned it is a society run on cash. Quite a concept, eh?

– Speaking of problems: Nationwide, Zoos are having a geriatric problem. Good health care, fine facilities, little stress and good food have turned many zoos into old age homes for animals. “Though baby zoo animals are the most popular with the public, and vigorous young adult animals show species at their peak of beauty, older animals become familiar favorites to frequent zoo visitors. So zoos work hard to find ways to keep them healthy and on view.” Read this interesting article from the Chicago Tribune and watch the video about the care of an 18 year old Black Leopard

– Another societal problem that is not tackled enough: Newsracks: A plague on our fair City. In order to garner more public support to tackle the streetscape scourge that is unkempt, vandalized, empty and illegally-placed newsracks in New York City, Municipal Arts Society has produced a humorous new movie titled OUTRAGE! showing how widespread and flagrant violations of the current insufficent regulations are.

– The National problem of the Battle of the Bulge applies to other species too. “Gorillas on Weight Watchers? Polar bears slurping sugar-free Jell-O shots? Giraffes nibbling alfalfa biscuits”? The days of visitors throwing junk food crap into zoo habitats is long gone.

– oh oh – No, I know what you are thinking but none of these animals belong to me.



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