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A Crane in the Neck March 19, 2008

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Since the latest horrible crane accident that happened last week you can see most New Yorkers craning their necks as they become more aware of all of the construction sites that could mean trouble for any innocent passer-by. According to the buildings department the city had eight crane-related accidents in 2007 and five in 2006, . There were no crane-related fatalities in 2007 but there were two the previous year. There are approximately 250 cranes that operate on any given day all over the city. Last year a crane dropped 7 tons of steel onto a trailer where Goldman Sachs is building a tower across the street from Ground Zero, injuring an architect inside. In 2006, a 13-foot piece of a crane mast that was being dismantled fell and crushed a taxi cab near Union Square. Amazingly, no one was hurt in that accident.

As I walked Benny yesterday I took this photo of my local crane. My building (in the middle) is 32 stories. The new building is going to be 55 stories and as you can see the crane looms over the landscape. Oh my.

Tatiana Follow Up: San Francisco Zoo workers should have believed two brothers who said a tiger was loose and had mauled their friend, but overall reacted well to the fatal Christmas Day attacks, according to the AZA, organization that accredits the nation’s zoos.

Petra the Swan – follow up: Petra has met a live swan and has ‘flown’ the coop leaving her swan shaped paddle boat behind. Some romances do come to an end.

– I thought Barack Obama’s speech was electrifying. It was on target, thoughtful, sincere and a speech that was long overdue. I was impressed and would be proud to have him as the nominee of my party. Instead of my udual ‘always leave ’em laughing’ sign off I thought I would upload Obama’s speech in its entirety for you. Please take the time today to listen and or read his speech here.



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