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Saturday Stew March 29, 2008

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eaglemouth.jpgI have been following Don Siegelman, the former Governor of Alabama’s story, for long time and am now riveted to this latest development. Who is Don Siegelman you ask? He was convicted of bribery and has spent the last nine months in prison in a seven year prison term. The reason I am interested is that this conviction was politically motivated and had Karl Rove‘s fiendish hand all over it. 52 Attorney Generals had signed a document asking the Courts to review this case as it seemed bogus and underhanded. Seigelman arrived home today. Stay tuned.

– One of the two brothers that was mauled by Tatiana the tiger on Christmas Day was arrested for shoplifting. As I predicted months ago – these two brothers were going to get into trouble again. The brothers, coincidentally, filed a negligence and defamation claim against the city and zoo on the same day of the arrest. Just wait until they get a huge settlement from the City to see what other trouble will befall upon them. Steve Clark, a San Jose legal analyst and former prosecutor, said the arrest “is not a good way to start off your lawsuit,” and could distract a jury. Suing for defamation “puts the boys’ reputations at issue. And when you keep getting arrested, what does that say about your reputation?” he said.

– Now this is the coolest kid ever!

– This headline made my eyeballs pop out. GIULIANI WEIGHING ‘SPECIAL’ RUN FOR GOV. Could this man possibly be serious? When will we get that needed break from his punim? Aurgh!

– If you have not heard about this head exploding story from Keith Olbermann – check it out here. It is another horror story about WalMart.

– The Prospect Park Zoo held a Joey naming contest and the winning name was announced yesterday. Meet baby girl, Riley.

– Here is another thing that my cat will not do – but definitely needs to do.



1. bonnieluria - March 29, 2008

Like the NY Times and all its’ weekend sections, you provide your readers with so much diversity.
I’m waiting for your weddings and announcement section. Can you find some videos for that too?

By far, your op ed section is the best!

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