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Sunday Salmagundi April 6, 2008

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Actions speak louder than words

In case you did not think there were enough things to worry about (shall I name them all?) we now learn that there is a huge particle accelerator (sounds very Star Trek like doesn’t it?) “on the Swiss-French border could create a ravenous black hole that could gobble up the entire Earth or produce strange new forms of matter that would destroy the world as we know it”. It is called the Large Hadron Collider  So, do not put off tomorrow what you could do today.

–  With that in mind, I am off to another Zoo Extravaganza this week and will be blogging from an undisclosed location. Check out this week’s photo montage. Speaking of blogging, there’s an article about the stressful world of the 24/7 blogger on the front page of the Times this morning. “They work long hours, often to exhaustion. Many are paid by the piece — not garments, but blog posts. This is the digital-era sweatshop. You may know it by a different name: home.” FYI – when you are not paid for blogging, trust me – there is not a lot of sweat.

–  Hard to believe but the US has extended the contract to Blackwater for another year. This company that is under investigation for its abusive, murderous behavior is still in charge of security in Iraq. Gasp!

–  Petra the Swan Update: For those enamored by the  swan story. Check out this video as Petra is returned to her plastic love after being rejected by the real thing.

–  Why does the media go berserk when it finds out that Democrats make money too. There is nothing in our Party’s platform that says we can’t make oodles and piles of money. Having money does not turn one into a Repugnant ( at least not overnight). This frenzy over the Clinton’s earning 109 million since they left the White House is crap. Good for them. They earned it, they paid taxes on it and they donated a lot to charity. Next story, please.

–  Keith Olbermann celebrated his Countdown’s Fifth Anniversary last week. He repeated some of his more funny, hard hitting or otherwise memorable spots. This piece, from October 2006 about the Death of Habeus Corpus was powerful and sad.

–  For a habeus corpus break watch this Kinetic bear on a subway grate. The Wooster Collective recently featured video of a piece of street scultpure by Joshua Allen Harris. It could be describe as kinetic pneumatic art, and features an inanimate pile of material attached to a subway grate. When a train passes in the tunnel beneath the grate, the upward flow of displaced air fills the material and produces a medium-sized bear. The continued flow of air makes it appear as if the bear is actually animated, like it’s shaking off some arctic water. When the train is gone, the bear retreats to its former state of hibernation, waiting for the next train so it can rise again.

–  I know that my dog and cat would agree with the fact that NYC  has been selected as the pet-friendliest destination of 2008, according to Animal Fair, a lifestyle magazine for pet owners. It’s one of the seven winners of this year’s Cesar Five Dog Bone Awards, voted on by readers.

–  I also know that I keep harping on the torture issue but seriously, am I torturing you?  This is a big issue and people should be going to jail for it. Listen to Keith and Constitutional scholar John Turley talk about this issue.

–  Yes, it is time for the always leave ’em laughing part – Jellied Cats can solve some of the world’s problems:



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