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Vacation Brain and Giraffe Kisses April 11, 2008

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The hiatus from ranting is due to a full on case of vacation brain. I am off at a warm, dry, sunny undisclosed location enjoying a respite from my usual hissy fits, complaints and diatribes. And you know what? It feels really fine. I am peripherally aware of General Petreaus, the war, the ongoing campaign to Pennsylvania Avenue, the economy, a new dangerous animal disease that has hit the mainland
the slog of the Olympic torch to China, and the fiasco at American Airlines (and no – I am not flying with that carrier). If I were booked on a flight home with AA this relaxing vacation mode would have dissipated a few days ago. But giraffe kisses and being treated as royalty by my hosts has effected my mood. Do not worry – I am coming home early next week and I am sure within 24 hours of landing the real Judy Lobo will return. So until then, enjoy a few fun videos.

Enjoy two minutes of Picasso.

And talking cats.



1. bonnieluria - April 11, 2008

That dangerous animal disease, rumor has it, was spread by a woman tongue kissing a giraffe in an undisclosed location.
But it looks like it was worth the ” one night stand”!
Fantastic photo.

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