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Monday and Hot Air Abounds April 14, 2008

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There is nothing like a five hour plane ride, reading the entire Sunday New York Times to slowly feel my relaxed shoulders start to tense up, the snarling lip begin to curl and the general sense of anger solidly taking over my being. Yes, I am back and the hot air I read throughout the Sunday paper got me to thinking about ranting once again. I found the article about Alberto Gonzlales to be the most interesting. It turns out that our ‘heck of a job’ past AG will have to work for food because he is having a tough time finding a new job since leaving the Justice Department. I guess a resume that is filled with felonious actions, misadventures and torturous activities is not very desirable at the end of this thuggish administration’s tenure. He also seems that perhaps his memory problem (since his favorite line for the remaining months at his job was ‘I can’t recall’) might not be something a potential employer is looking for in a candidate.

– I am back from vacation and should be in full ranting mode in a few days. But while on vacation, I did manage to have a blast. Check out two photo montages from two of the five Zoos we visited. The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum and the Phoenix Zoo.

Saturday Night Live handled last week’s Petraeus Report to Congress in a lively, funny (yet sad) manner. Everyone should be screaming from the rafters that this thuggish administration has no intention of performing any drawdown of troops or meaningful negotiations with the Sunnis and Shites. They have always intended this debacle to be handed off to the next administration.

– While the media is in a frenzy over the Democratic race to the White House, John McCain continues to get his free pass. I will keep reminding you what this guy is all about.

Keith Olbermann trashes Fox Noise on their lack of coverage of the Iraq War.

– Last week’s kitty talking video has been translated:



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[…] All Spin Zone wrote an interesting post today on Monday and Hot Air AboundsHere’s a quick excerpt- Keith Olbermann trashes Fox Noise on their lack of coverage of the Iraq War. – Last week’s kitty talking video has been translated: […]

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