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Sunday Bits and Pieces April 27, 2008

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It is pink, pink, pink in the Big Apple. The cherry blossoms and the crabapples are glorious. Check out my photo montage of Madison Square Park, where I walk little Benny.  If you forgot how handsome Benny the dog is, check him out last summer watching the William Wegman art installation around the Shake Shack.

–  The VA should be ashamed of themselves. The Veteran’s Association is saying that fewer than 800 suicides incidents have occurred this year when there is evidence to the contrary that puts the number at close to 12,000.  Senator Patricia Murray pointed to a RAND Corp. study released last week that found that 320,000 troops who served in Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from traumatic brain injuries and 300,000 troops suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder or major depression. We are in serious trouble for decades with this many wounded coming home without proper treatment. Shame shame shame.

–  John McCain’s endorser Rev. John Hagee, has retracted controversial comments he made implying that Hurricane Katrina was punishment from God for a planned gay pride parade, one that he considered the culmination of an era of sin in New Orleans. Speaking of John McCain – MediaMatters.org has a link on their informative website that is called McCain’s Free Ride. There is much to absorb but it basically decries his actual policies and votes with what he says and what the media allows him to get away with all of the time. Just look at his connection to the many lobbyists working in his campaign today.

–  Here’s John McCain with a pop-up double talk express video at his very bullshit best:

–  Here’s a good one. I thought it wasn’t over until the fat lady sings. Now however, the Wall Street Journal says Obama is the nominee. So is that when it is over? When the WSJ says it is?

Frank Rich has a lot to say about when the campaign is over and how the Repugnants are faring today.

–  They say there are no atheists in foxholes. Well, apparently there are and the Army is trying to get rid of them. In our new Christians only Army there is no room for anyone with a different opinion.

–  For the last two photo montages from my Zoo Extravaganza trip to Arizona check out the Reid Park Zoo and the Wildlife World Zoo.

–  In the always leave ’em laughing mode, check out Simon’s Cat (almost 4,000,000 others have)



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