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Wednesday Wackiness April 30, 2008

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The separation of Church and State is one of our founding father’s better ideas. It could not be more evident than in the drama being played out this week between Barack Obama and his whack-job former Pastor, the Rev Wright or should I say the Rev. Wrong. What is it with these guys (and the list is long) that we all have to suffer their megalomania, their false view of importance and their outright bigotry, hatred and nuttiness? This disaster is right out of Karl Rove’s attack and destroy playbook. I wonder if there is way way we can blame Rove for this latest distraction? If you have not seen Obama’s reaction and repudiation to Rev. Wright, you can watch this short clip below. Let us just hope this latest news cycle will be short. If you want to watch his entire response, go here.

–  The Not So Supreme Court has once again proven the importance of getting a Democrat in the White House. A few of our Justices are hanging on waiting for a Democrat to take over on Pennsylvania Avenue so they can retire. Hang in their black robes, please. Another decision like the Voter ID ruling the other day could turn our country even further backwards in time. 25 States have ID proof laws in order to vote. Now, it is okay for them to ask for Government issued photo ID’s. So the first to be disenfranchised in their voting rights will now have to spend money to get photo ID Govt’ proof to vote. Shame, shame, shame. If you did not hear Scalia on 60 Minutes, he said that we should ‘get over it’ when referring to the 2000 stolen election. The arrogance, the lack of empathy for the common man, the frightening power of these guys in black robes should make all of us very nervous.

–  I am sure you have all seen the news that Pierre the Penguin has a wet suit. For a needed instant smile watch this:

–  The THUG in the White House is not taking any responsibility for our economic mess. Shocking, you say? Guess what? He is blaming the Democrats.

–  Rudy is back in the news, as you know. Cardinal Egan is mad at Rudy for taking Communion. I, at first thought it was because he has been married three times. But what do I know? It turns out that the Cardinal is angry at Rudy because they had a ‘private’ agreement that he would not take Communion because he is Pro-Choice.  Huh? The Church is a curious thing. How come you are allowed to make side deals with God? How come it is okay for John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi and Chris Dodd to get Communion from their Cardinals, and not Rudy? Okay, so the theme of today is ‘ separation of church and state? A very good idea.

–  Pretty in Pink. This time-lapse was created by Dave Allen, BBG’s Web Manager, from over 3,000 digital photos, one taken every 3 minutes from April 18 to April 26, 2008, of Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s famed Cherry Walk.

–  This week marks the 200th episode of Law & Order’s SVU. Guess what? They are running out of location shots and are finally filming in my lobby today. Maybe my dog Benny can get in a cameo role. Woof!

–  In the ‘always leave ’em laughing’ mode, watch this Cat vs. Squirrel video:



1. Carol - April 30, 2008

LOL! Rudy and the Cardinal and private agreements in the church. And every time we hear about this we are surprised? Why?

On another note, knowing how much I love the moving image, that cherry blossom video could have been shortened significantly and would have been MUCH BETTER. Who needed to see all those people walking around and 20 seconds of nothing at the end. Just show the blossoms on the trees as they grow from buds to beautiful flowers and then fall off and make a carpet of pink. Just call me director King.

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