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A little of this ‘n that on a Thursday May 8, 2008

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I was going to start today off with some venom about McCain but came across lots of stuff about the platypus. The Platypus is one of my favorite animals. It is part bird, part reptile and part mammal and according to scientists they have the genome to now prove it. “The platypus, classified as a mammal because it produces milk and is covered in a coat of fur, also possesses features of reptiles, birds and their common ancestors, along with some curious attributes of its own. One of only two mammals that lays eggs, the platypus also sports a duck-like bill that holds a sophisticated electrosensory system used to forage for food underwater. Males possess hind leg spurs that can deliver pain-inducing venom to its foes competing for a mate or territory during the breeding season.”

–  Now – onto McCain and his Out of Touch Moments. I will never give this panderer a free ride. He has never met an issue that he will not change his mind about mostly because he essentially does not understand any of the issues. Crooks and Liars has a fine summary about McCain’s positions. Read about his comments such as, the Economic downturn is “psychological,” eBay is the answer for poverty and to avoid a recession you can work a second job and skip a vacation.

–  Los Angeles song-a-week political band Max and the Marginalized – cartoon video for Teflon John, a song about how McCain is a hotheaded coot unfit for the presidency, and a lapdog media that spreads rose petals before him.

–  Keith Olbermann has had a running series called ‘Bushed.’ It is about the other running Bush administration scandals that the press does not cover, but Keith does. Watch May 7th’s edition. I was particularly fixated on the third item in this edition of ‘Bushed.’

–  Of course you have all heard about the tortoise and the hare, right? Well, here is one territorial tortoise and the cat.



1. matt - August 21, 2008

nice pic. check out the post I wrote yesterday about platypii. I am the missing link between Matthew McConaughey and koalas and I will be Down Under next week.

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