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A Sunday Bouquet May 11, 2008

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I wanted to use ‘mothers’ as my theme today but I got very side-tracked. So there will be some negatives along with the positives of motherhood. This just in –Republicans Vote Against Moms – no, really! In the ass backwards world of politics, this one takes the cake (or apple pie).

–  How can I not discuss New York’s latest scandal, the Vito Fossella mess. What a Mother’s Day Fossella and his two families are having today, eh? Fossella is NYC’s only Republican Congressman. While researching this latest disgraced idiot, I found a website called VetoFossella. Who knew?  This guy apparently was in bed with lots of stuff other than his two wives. Fossella is history. His very conservative district will not tolerate two families. Tsk, Tsk. His other shenanigans apparently did not keep him from being re-elected over and over again. But this one – well – he should start packing his bags. he is being kicked off the Island.

–  There is another mother in the news that is driving me nuts. Did you hear about that 41 year old woman who is about to have her 18th child? Michelle Dugger has been pregnant for 135 months out of her life. They do 200 loads of laundry a month. They have a website and are going to have another TV show. Okay – listen up: your carbon footprint is HUGE. Having that number of children is insane. I do not care that you are debt-free and you home school them all (although that frightens me too) this is unconscionable. Plain and simple. The fact that this is lauded and promoted on mainstream TV is obscene.

It is the 100th anniversary of the celebration of Mother’s Day. The history of Ann Jarvis, who started it all is very interesting. Poor Ann, she got pissed that the day got so out of control that she was arrested for disturbing the peace at a Mother’s Day gathering.

–  Happy Mother’s Day out there to all of those who encourage, nurture, inspire, support, praise, strengthen, promote and generally give lots and lots of hugs. This week’s photo montage is for you:

–  An oldie but a funny for Mother’s Day:

–  Blackwater has once again gotten away with murder. The State Department has just renewed its contract to provide security for American diplomats in Iraq for at least another year. This is a table pounder and an eye popper.

–  John McCain hits the ball out of the park with a McBush beginning. The guy chosen to run the 2008 Republican National Convention resigned Saturday after a report that his lobbying firm used to represent the military regime in Myanmar. Good grief!

–  Update on the Tatiana the Tiger story and the two idiot brothers. San Francisco officials say an investigation has found the city not liable for injuries suffered by two brothers attacked by Tatiana. What does this mean? I think it means the boys have to go after the Zoo and its insurance company alone to collect a bajillion dollars. Good luck, kids.

–  Still a favorite and always gets a laugh:



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