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Things that piss me off on a Sunday May 25, 2008

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As we experience Memorial Day we ought to remember why we have this three day weekend. It is not just a time to ‘fire up the grill’ as Bush says or to go out and buy a mattress. This is the day to remember all those who have served this country to help to preserve the way of life most of us enjoy. Why then, does this poor excuse for an occupant of the White House continue to deny those troops in our armed services today by promising to veto the newest GI Bill. The man has no conscience and is a national disgrace.

– The trick of dumping all of the bad news a candidate, party or campaign has to proffer, right before a three day weekend is overused – but effective. McCain dumped a skillion pages of his medical records (that could not be photocopied) onto a deluged press. They also decided to throw out there the fact that Cindy McCain made $6 million in taxable income last year.  Of course the bad new that almost everyone on his campaign is a lobbyist is not drowned out to these perked up ears. And the fact that Hillary made that awful utterance about RFK’s assassination almost managed to ease the McCain dumping. It was a good day for McCain – bad day for Hillary. Stay tuned for worse days ahead.

–  No ifs ands or buts – I am against the horse drawn carriage industry that amazingly still exists in Manhattan. Check out this trailer for a movie about this abusive practice:

–  Hillary Clinton’s comment about things that can happen in June in past races for the nomination was awful. It is time to leave the race. Pack it up and get back to New York State and be the Senator that we were proud of having before your desperation to get this nomination turned sour.

–  I am angry with Chuck Schumer for getting Michael Mukasey the job of AG. He is not a moderate and is obstinately blocking Congress’ right to question the administration on many things. He is also now defending former government lawyers who drew up the legal basis of the Bush administration’s use of harsh interrogation methods against terror suspects. He told graduates from Boston College of Law graduates Friday that lawyers doing their part to protect the country in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks should not now be held liable or face criminal charges for doing so. Mukasey is in lockstep with the thugs in this administration.

–  Condileeza Rice also gets me nuts. She now is defending the illegal actions of this administration because it was a time for unusual actions to protect us from future attacks. But she acknowledged that those rules had since changed and that the United States was a “different place” then, adding that the administration’s top priority at the time had been preventing new attacks and not necessarily observing fine legal points. As this administration winds down we are getting even more bullshit thrown at us on a daily basis.

– I am angry at the Chinese Government for its lack of oversight in the building industry, lasck of oversight in product control, negligence, corruption and sheer incompetence. Yes they are big, yes they are powerful, yes they are a huge market for our goods (if we had any) but being a Communist country has lots of advantages. You can pretty much do whatever you want without questions from anyone. It wil be interesting to see if this latest nightmare that they are experiencing inches this giant power closer to a democracy. Stay tuned.

– What do I like? I like the animals at the Central Park Zoo. Check out this week’s photo montage for a smile or too

–  In the always leave’ em laughing mode, no matter how pissed I get:



1. bonnieluria - May 25, 2008

Don’t fire the grill, fire the prez.

His boat was ” sinking ” a long time ago.

2. helenej - May 26, 2008

very interesting blog ! H from France

3. Michaleen - August 8, 2008

You should really research yourself before you buy the hype from humaniacs about NYC’s horse carriages. here, start with my blog:

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