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Name that tune June 3, 2008

Posted by judylobo in Animal Videos, Photography, Politics.
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This could be the day. All signs point to the ‘fat lady‘ getting ready to sing. But just what tune will Hillary be singing tonight? Is it going to be a laundry list of the many accomplishments of her campaign? Will it be a party unity song? Will it be an ‘ I am not a quitter’ tune? Will she list how many people voted for her and how hard she fought for every single vote when the cards were stacked against her? Yes, yes, yes and yes. She will continue to take center stage since this is the business of the Clintons. They live for politics and are no where ready to retire to ‘the ranch’ to clear brush. While the fat lady may sing a tune tonight, you ain’t heard the last of her, that is for darn sure. And not for nothin’ – being the Jr Senator from the glorious State of NY is not chopped liver, you know!

– Yesterday I put my money where my mouth is and took out my checkbook and responded to the two (more) letters I got this week. One was from Al Gore and one was from my candidate of choice, John Edwards (by the way – wouldn’t he be a fine choice for VP?) I sent money to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. We MUST take the House and Senate with decisive majorities this November to start turning around the damage that has been done to our Constitution in the last seven ( and will be eight) years.

– McSame is having lots of problems. This period when the Dems are fighting tooth and nail should have been a time when he pulled out all of the stops to get his ‘message’ to the public. But when you have no message it is hard to do that. This continuing story about the men surrounding his campaign will trouble him even more when the dems finally have a nominee.

– Not only does this look like my cat – she could take on even more doggies:



1. Carol King - June 3, 2008

Love the puppy video. It DOES look like you’re cat and she absolutely keep away twice as many puppies! LOL!

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