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Drum Roll Please June 5, 2008

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After what I imagine was much hand wringing, the five stages of grief and a conversation with all of her remaining friendly colleagues in Congress, Hillary has finally decided to call it a day. Her non-concession speech the other night when Obama clinched the nomination, was nothing short of gasp worthy. It seems the better angel of her nature (or the threats from friends) got to her. Charles Rangel, who has been a strong supporter of Senator Hillary Clinton, correctly said, “We pledged to support her to the end. Our problem is not being able to determine when the hell the end is.” So it seems that tomorrow (and Saturday) she will end this 17 month slog to the White House. At this two day event, HIllary will cede the nomination to Obama, declare loudly and passionately her support of his candidacy and urge her supporters to pick up the mantle and not only vote for Obama but work for all of the Democratic candidates in every race across this vast land. It looks like there has been a lot of behind the scenes machinations regarding her campaign debt. There are lots of laws regarding her campaign debt and how, when and who can pay it off. It will be resolved behind the scenes and Hillary will come out a champ, one way or another.

The rest of us war weary Democrats have much to be proud about. The whole world is noticing what has happened and it feels good to me. John McSame is looking tired, worn and every time he opens his mouth it is reminiscent of something we have heard before and have already rejected. Do I think Obama will choose HIllary as a running mate? I do not. Do I think he will choose a different woman? I do not. Campaign officials said Caroline Kennedy, as well as former Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder and longtime Washington insider Jim Johnson have begun compiling information on potential running mates. Stay tuned.

Tatiana the Tiger Update (this story has legs and of course teeth): It was not a big surprise to learn that the young man that was killed by the Tatiana at the San Francisco Zoo had marijuana and alcohol in his system, according to a toxicology report. Stay tuned.

– I could do this with my dog Benny, but we do not want to!



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