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Political Redemption June 8, 2008

Posted by judylobo in Animal Videos, Politics.

I send this post as one of the 18,000,000 cracks in the glass ceiling that Hillary so brilliantly referred to yesterday in her concession speech. I watched the speech at 37,000 feet on a small screen, on my favorite airline JET BLUE, as I headed towards the left coast. The tears flowed down my cheek as I witnessed one of the finest concession speeches I have ever heard. She hit every note with perfect pitch. She addressed the millions of her disappointed minions and encouraged them to fully support Barack Obama, as she intends to do. My candidate was John Edwards. When he dropped out I was heart broken. I vacillated for days and then cast my vote for Hillary. I indeed, wanted to be alive when the first woman was voted into the White House. She ran a flawed campaign. I watched with dismay as the goofs and gaffs started happening and saw the nomination fade away. Luckily in politics, redemption is just one good speech away. And she gave a doozy of a speech. I wonder if the Obama Veep selection committee added another name to their short list of contenders after hearing her roar. You go girl! You go for all of us.

If you missed it – here it is:

And then there are kittens:



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