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Thugs, lugs and slugs July 1, 2008

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The thug in the White House continues his charade as Commander in Chief, even though he gives the term ‘lame duck,’ a bad name. His latest bullshit announcement concerns the new GI Bill. The passage of the GI Bill was accomplished because other issues were attached to the legislation. That, of course, is nothing new in Washington. For highlights of the new Bill read this article.

Watch and listen as Keith Olbermann speaks with Senator Jim Webb on this issue:

– Keith was on a roll last night as he also gave one of his Special Comments. This one was dedicated to Barack Obama and his decision to vote in support of the FISA Bill. Obama says he is satisfied with changes made to the original bill, including a provision that will give a secret court, not the White House, the final say on spying procedures. Stay tuned.

– Raise your hand if you are tired of the term ‘swift boating’ or Willie Hortoning’? Can’t each election cycle come up with new crap to slander, smear and otherwise confuse the real issues. You would think that there was nothing to discuss this year with these issues coming back to the surface.

– McSame has nothing new to say. His position on the environment and oil is one big joke – if it were funny.

– If anyone you know is even considering voting for John McCain you might want to remind them about the Bush years and that they would be guaranteed four more of the same incompetence, thuggery and even more loss of our Civil Rights. Read Alternet’s Ten Most Awesomely Bad Moments of the Bush Presidency. I honestly do not know how they narrowed it to ten.

– In the always leave ’em with something else to think about mode:



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