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Manhattanhenge, War Crimes and Whales July 13, 2008

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Most cities have their grids aligned in a true east west fashion. Manhattan is aligned in the direction that the island points which is about a 30 degree angle from true east west. So who cares and why am I writing about this? Manhattanhenge, the name attached to this event is a really cool thing to see if the weather cooperates. The sun  sets in line with the canyons of buildings on east-west cross streets. Manhattanhenge happens twice a year on the days around May 28 and July 11th. The best views are the cross streets that have a clear view of New Jersey. The streets I would recommend for next year are 14th, 23rd, 34th, 42nd and 57th. This year the weather did cooperate and I was out there with my camera. This shot is from my corner on 23rd and Broadway.

–  It has been quite a week for celebrity divorces (Christie Brinkley & her former bozo), allegations (A-Rod and Madonna)  and deaths (Tony Snow & Dr DeBakey) that some of the news that should be front page gets scrambled. I turn your attention to some of those important things.

–  A new book, “The Dark Side: The Inside Story of How the War on Terror Turned Into a War on American Ideals,” by Jane Mayer, claims that Red Cross investigators concluded last year in a secret report that the CIA’s interrogation methods for high level al-Qaida prisoners constituted torture and could make the Bush administration officials who approved them guilty of war crimes. Countdown’s Rachel Maddow and Constitutional lawyer and professor, Jonathan Turley (one of my new favorites) discuss Bush & Co concerning war crimes and possible prosecution. It is a fascinating 6 minutes that will open your eyes and make you think. Frank Rich also addresses this issue today.

–  Remember those photos of the missiles being fired out of Iran last week? Apparently, there was some photoshopping involved by the Iranians. It doesn’t take much for Westerners, with imaginations to see a challenge in the making. Check out these outrageous photoshop photos of the same event (like the photo on the left). Errol Morris addresses this same issue in an Opinion Photo piece in the Times today.

–  As we sit back and watch our rights fade away, think about this newest assault on your freedom. If you are traveling home from overseas and are carrying a laptop, Blackberry, IPhone or other electronic device the Government can and has seized them, made copies all of your files and more. Aurgh!

–  The Silence of the Lenders – How many Americans know who Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are? It would be amusing to see one of those ‘man on the street’ videos to hear the answers to that very question. The Federal National Mortgage Association and Home Loan Mortgage Corporation were chartered by Congress to make home loans cheaper and easier to get for average Americans. This is a BIG MESS. Stay tuned.

–  Are you that black sheep in the family? Here’s the newest explanation why.

–  Check out the beautiful faces on this week’s montage and my video of the amazing whales and dolphins at Sea World San Diego.



1. Bonnie Luria - July 13, 2008

Loved this Manhattanhenge photo- I can hear the opening music to 2001 Space Odyssey as the sun descends.
So much to see and read on this blog- it makes me squeal ( whales jumping ) and then reach for an Excedrin- ( everything else political ).

2. Terri OZ - July 14, 2008

Disgusting and cruel to continue to keep marine mammals as large as Orcas in Seaquariums where over 99% of captured Orcas and Orcas born in captivity have died. How would you like to be taken away from your family and kept in a bathtub!? This is what Sea World Entertainment and other Seaquariums are doing with these animals. These animals have extremely close family bonds, perhaps more so than humans. Each family has it’s own dialect which is clearly recognizable. If a family member is in trouble the entire pod and family go to it’s aid. They honour and love each family member and work well with their Community. They swim many kilometers each day in search of fish for food, keeping in close harmony with their families and Community members. These Orcas are “resident” fish-eating animals as opposed to the “Transient” sea mammal eating members which are not kept in captivity. All Orcas and Dolphins need open sea to survive and swim the distances needed, not to live a life of confinement in a tiny tank. Please Boycott Sea World and all Seaquariums for keeping these animals and taking them away from thier loving families. If you doubt what I am stating about these creatures lives in the wild where they belong, please go to Orcalab.org and Orca-live.org and learn about them.

3. Clouds, Crowds and Shrouds « Lobo’s Rants - June 28, 2009

[…] my dog Benny, I noticed a very dramatic in-progress sunset –  it reminded me of the twice a year Manhattanhenge night […]

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