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Your Uterus is Government Issue July 18, 2008

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The best hour on TV is back. Both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert were on two week vacations. I missed them tremendously. I am not one of their fan base who solely gets their information from ‘the boys’ but their take on the news helps the digestion of the events of the day, that is for sure. This week had some gems including the following two excerpts. Voracious Viacom is suing youtube for 13 billion dollars so I cannot show you the excerpt in this entry but you can click on the links below to see some great TV through Raw Story.

–  Watch Jon Stewart compare and contrast Bush and Bernenke the other day.

–  Stephen Colbert’s Alpha Dog of the Week is great viewing.

–  I found this Jon Stewart clip on youtube anyway. Go figure out why some of the clips are on youtube and some are not. This one concerns all of the bullshit over the New Yorker cartoon about Obama and his wife dressed as ‘terrorists’ on its latest cover:

–  John McCain, with his back against the wall, ducks another issue. If you are thinking the Repugnants are going to leave this issue and go hide for a bunch of years you are very, very wrong.  A recent Bush administration memo defines several widely used contraception methods as abortion and protects the right of medical providers to refuse to offer them. The proposal would cut off federal funds to hospitals and states that attempt to compel medical providers to offer legal abortion and contraception services to women. The Dark Forces are attempting, by a non-congressionally-approved rules change, to reclassify both oral contraceptives and Inter-Uterine Devices as “abortion providers”.  What does this mean? The immediate effect is to invoke the “conscience clause” that permits pharmacies and physicians to “opt-out” of providing such services even if other laws (State and Federal) require them to do so. It also allows health care insurers and HMO’s to avoid paying for such services, and may even prevent some Federal and State assistance programs from doing so. Angry yet? Go to this site and voice your vote.

Watch out for your next puppy:



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