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It’s All in Your Head July 20, 2008

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Feeling blue? Feeling broke? Feeling homeless? Feeling unappreciated? Feeling that your car might as well be a sculpture in the driveway since you can’t afford gas anymore? Feeling that your civil rights are being taken away? Feeling that you are being watched probed and prodded? Hogwash say the Repugnants! It’s all in your head.  Both John McCain and George Bush have been speaking the same Party line. Which means they are speaking the same bullshit. If we would simply look at the glass as half full things would get better, they say. Or if Bush had a magic wand – he would wave all of our problems away. Gasp!  As you all know by now, McCain’s campaign co-chair Phil Gramm had to step down because of the controversy over his comment that we were in the middle of a “mental recession.” True to form the Repugnants dumped this piece of news on us late Friday thinking not much attention would be paid to this shift in leadership. Guess what? I noticed. MoveOn.org created a fine video on the subject that does not get McSame off the hook.

Here’s Keith Olbermann on Phil Gramm’s dumping:

Frank Rich also chimes in on McCain’s fiscal ineptitude and the Bloomberg connection.

– What the F**K? Bush now agrees to a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq? Huh?

–  Some good news for a change for the gray wolf. Gray wolves in the greater Yellowstone area of the northern Rocky Mountains, were again put under the protections of the Endangered Species Act by a judge in Montana on Friday. The judge, Donald W. Molloy of Federal District Court, took the form of a preliminary injunction and could be reversed. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing stories. The hunters out there will just have to go kill something else for a bit.

–  Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, called George Bush a ‘total failure’. While I surely have no difficulty agreeing with Speaker Pelosi on her very deep observation, I do have many bones to pick with her regarding her leadership. The Dreadfulcrats now control the House and the senate and have for the past two years. So why can’t we get much done, eh, Nancy? Nancy?

Rachel Maddow needs more than her own TV show – she should have her own cable station. Watch her take on conservative Noah Oppenheim as she speaks for Barack Obama.

–  What a joke that John McCain appeared at the recent NAACP convention. Here is a man who fought long and hard against honoring Martin Luther King Jr and in 1983 voted against making the day a National Holiday. Here is his record on the subject and on the Confederate flag.

–  Check out Jon Stewart and the Dobbs -O-Meter

–  You may have seen the little girl on National TV who started raising funds to buy kibble for dogs who have become homeless because of foreclosures. Just click on the link and answer a question. Whether you are right or wrong by clicking on the link you are helping out.

–  A return visit to the Bronx Zoo with some very young friends, was a special treat this week. Visiting the Madagascar just one month later found the animals acclimating wonderfully to their new home. I even got to see the two beautiful mongoose and at the Congo exhibit I finally saw the illusive mandrill. Sensational. Check out the photo montage here.

–  Last Saturday we went to Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn for an amazing tour with the best tour guide in NYC,  Justin Ferate.  The beautiful cemetery was founded in 1838. It was granted National Historic Landmark status in 2006. There are many notables buried in the Cemetery including, Leonard Bernstein, Peter Cooper, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Charles Ebbets, Elias Howe, John LaFarge, Samuel FB Morse, Boss Tweed, and Louis Comfort Tiffany. The place is rich in history and is a great place to visit and wander through. The monk parrots that now live at Green-wood Cemetery are not only tolerated, but appreciated by the management. Check out this website to see some more up-close photos of these terrific and very vocal birds. Check out my photo montage here.

–  In the always leave ’em smiling mode – here’s my video of one of the charismatic walrus’ who lives at Sea World San Diego.



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