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Hit and Run July 24, 2008

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–  Bob Novak’s famous hits. As you all know, Novak’s most famous hit was on Valerie Plame as he ‘outed’ her as a CIA agent. Why is this man allowed out on this streets? Now it appears, he hit a pedestrian in a crosswalk and fled the scene. A lawyer, on a bicycle, caught up to him and turned him in. Check out the video of him receiving a citation.

–  Speaking of people who need to be cited – Joe Leiberman is a menace. I am sure the good people of Connecticut are shaking their collective heads and wringing their hands over what they have wrought. The good news is that in a recent poll by the Pro-Israel Group JStreet, these are the findings: “Only 37 percent of Jews view the Connecticut Independent in a favorable light compared to 48 percent who have a negative perception. As for Obama, 60 percent of Jews view him favorably while 34 percent view him unfavorably.” It looks like another one of McCain’s helpers might be actually hurting him.

– Catch this hysterical Lewis Black feature on Jon Stewart:

–  On Friday, June 18th, at a fund raiser for candidate Pete Olson, Bush, shared his assessment of the economy after asking that cameras be turned off. Is there a politician out there who does not realize that EVERYTHING is being taped and on youtube before they are finished speaking? Watch the thug-in chief as he ‘charms’ his Texas audience. There are 179 days left in this disgrace of an administration.

In the always leave ’em smiling mode:



1. bonnieluria - July 24, 2008

I’m seeing the potential for ” terms people used to find your blog ” here. And then I laughed-
baby monkey, black, Obama……….
Can you just see it now?
Just sayin’.

Great tiger phooey tongue shot.

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