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Money Talks and Penguins Walk July 27, 2008

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–  So just who the heck is T. Boone Pickens? If you have not seen his $58 million dollar campaign promoting wind power versus our reliance on oil, then you must have been on a really restful unplugged vacation. Pickens is a billionaire oilman, a Texan, a Republican (you might recall his leadership in the ‘swift boating’ of John Kerry four years ago) and now we are to make the mental switch that this guy is an environmentalist. Why don’t I feel all earthy and crunchy over this make-over? He is now a hedge fund manager promoting wind power. Will he prosper from this born again move? Duh! Of course he will. He will receive massive subsidies and of course make even more money if clean energy is the way our bull headed society opts to go. Does it matter that we do not trust this guy? The better side of me says  we have no choice. The cynical ranting side of me says be careful what you wish for. Stay tuned.

–  Mick Jagger is 65 – gather ye rose buds…..

– For those that shut out the news from Friday afternoon to Monday morning you might have missed this (not surprising) jaw dropper out of Scott McClellan’s mouth on Friday night’s Hardball, with the very annoying Chris Matthews. Scott McClellan exposed Fox News as a propaganda tool for the White House. So what, you say? Watch the whole six minutes on Keith Olbermann’s show and hear why this is not only frustratingly horrible but it is also illegal.

– Most of the US press corp are on their way home today after Obama’s world wind tour. The ‘getting to know you’ tour either worked or did not work, depending on which newspaper you read. Frank Rich chimes on with his words of wisdom today and Bob Herbert writes about that other guy, who is on a full season pass from the press.

– The show trial in the House last week on Bush’s non-impeachment trial was insulting, frustrating and borderline insane. Watch Vincent Bugliosi as he tells the House Judiciary Committee the there is “more than enough evidence” to convict Bush administration officials for murder.

–  The Central Park Zoo has three new penguin chicks. Our air conditioned penguin house is more crowded than ever as people ogle the new chicks. It is photographic challenge to shoot through the exhibit glass as the condensation, fingerprints  and splashes build throughout the day.  But I persevere. Enjoy the chick and some of the other fabulous faces at the Central Park Zoo.

–  In the always leave ’em smiling wrap up – watch 14 month old baby snow monkey Zeppy playing at the Central Park Zoo.



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