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Zippers, Gaffs and Birthdays August 10, 2008

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John Edwards was my choice for candidate. Guess what? I am really pissed off. What am I pissed off about? Not so much that he cheated on his lovely wife, but that he had the arrogance to think he could run for President and get away with it.  In this great land of ours, if you hold national office or seek national office, you can get away with war crimes easier than you can get away with extra marital affairs. The public does not seem to care about matters of state as much as matters of the zipper. The arrogance of power is mind boggling. Do I think this story has legs? If he were our nominee we would be up the creek without that proverbial paddle. However, since he is merely a millionaire public citizen I think this story has short legs and will dissipate before the next scandal hits the fan. But I am still really pissed off.

–  McSame is getting mumblier and mumblier (how’s that for a Bush word?) Watch this five minute tape of McSame as he gaffs, bumbles and goofs. He is Comedy Central’s dream come true. Straight talk? How about slurred talk, blurred talk or babble talk?

–  As the world watched the opening of the Olympics in Beijing we at the Central Park Zoo were also celebrating. We were celebrating the 20th birthday since our re-opening on August 8, 1988. I have been sharing my photos of the Zoo’s animals over the past five years  (since going digital).  To commemorate the 20th birthday I have made five photo montages of some of the fabulous faces of those past five years.
Homage to the 20th birthday. Homage to 2007. Homage to 2006. Homage to 2005. Homage to 2004.

–  I watched the Beijing opening ceremonies via my life altering DVR. I was very impressed and entertained. Did you see the thug-in-chief in the audience? My favorite Bush moment was when he looked at his watch. Do you think his watch, instead if the usual timepiece, is a countdown calendar telling him how many more days he has left to endure what seems to me to be a very painful experience for him as the ‘Decider’? Hint – it is way more painful for us to have you taking up space in that beautiful White House. By the way – you have 162 more days. Start packing.

–  Oops! We are sorry, says the FBI’s Director Robert Mueller to the executive editors of the New York Times and the Washington Post, after an inspector general discovered that the agency had seized telephone records from four US reporters without a grand jury. Mueller called Times’ editor Bill Keller and Post chief Len Downie Friday, “expressing regret” that agents had not followed “proper procedures. The “lapse” occurred nearly four years ago and involved four staff members of the papers. When do you think we will get our apologies from the FBI?

– In honor of Michael Phelps’ first Gold Medal, watch this:



1. bonnieluria - August 10, 2008

Out of all of this will come a new Pubic ( *note- NOT misspelled ) Relations Firm known as :
Spitzer, Clinton & Edwards.
They have the creds, the visibility, and most of all, the experience.

Ideal clients could be Viagra and Cialis.
* note: Bill preferred to SeeMonica.

2. Carol - August 10, 2008

McCain – Bush’s 3rd Term

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