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Phelps 10 – Endangered Species 0 August 13, 2008

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So it was a great day for Michael Phelps but a bad day for all of those creatures who cannot speak for themselves. In one of the thug-in-chief’s last act he is promising to leave all endangered species behind by gutting the largely successful Endangered Species Act. Does this man have any shame? The AP reports “The Bush administration wants federal agencies to decide for themselves whether highways, dams, mines and other construction projects might harm endangered animals and plants. New regulations, which don’t require the approval of Congress, would reduce the mandatory, independent reviews government scientists have been performing for 35 years, according to a draft obtained by The Associated Press. The draft rules also would bar federal agencies from assessing the emissions from projects that contribute to global warming and its effect on species and habitats.”

– The types of lunatics that are running the asylum are like MIchelle Bachmann, Repugnant Rep. from Minnesota who says ‘Jesus already saved the planet 2000 years ago’ so we do not need Nancy Pelosi’s help.

AG Mukasey has joined the ranks of Bush political hacks. He is not going to indict, prosecute, harrass or bother to bring anyone in this thug administration to task for anything. Take a walk, he says – why not jay-walk? Will no one ever be accountable for the dreadful things that have been done by this bogus administration?

Watch Keith Olbermann discuss this iissue with Jonathan Turley:

I cannot think of anything funny to end today’s post with so I enclose a photo of my rescue guy, Benny the dog. Woof!



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