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Kings, Queens, UFO’s & Black Holes August 24, 2008

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The Barack Obama and Joe Biden duo is more than a fine ticket. It is a Kingly ticket. (Speaking of Kings — It is interesting to note that 45 years to the day of the March on Washington when Martin Luther King, Jr delivered his ‘I have a dream’ speech, Obama will accept his party’s nomination as its Presidential candidate. It makes me almost cry). It is a winning ticket. Joe Biden can debate with anyone, is always enthusiastic, stays focused, does not mince words (even though often he has too many words) and will say the tough stuff that Obama seems reluctant to say. The litany of issues that this ticket can use almost makes the time between now and the election too short (only kidding). The economy, the endless wars, the spying, the dissolution of the Bill of Rights, the Injustice Department, the corrupt Bush administration, the upcoming Supreme Court vacancies and the disconnect between the real John McCain with his seven or 10 homes and the rest of the population is wide and deep. If they stay focused – and not get sidetracked by the bombshells that the Repugnants will throw at them we will win this election. Get out your checkbooks or go on line to make a donation to the Obama-Biden ticket. They need every penny. It is going to be an expensive campaign but the stakes are too high not to do something. Here is a quickie overview on the Life of Biden (with none of the color).  Now check out Biden for Dummies. Frank Rich writes about the campaign today.

–  The list of speakers at the Democratic National Convention is a work in progress.  Check out the tentative schedule.  Watch for the Clintons. I am sure they will be sincere (no matter how much they are hurting) and be able to convince you that they are going to do their best to fight for this ticket.

– The Repugnants have chosen their party’s stars to represent them at the convention. Can you imagine a worse choice than Giuliani as their Keynote Speaker? I do not plan to set up my DVR to record any of these folks, how about you? It seems to me that the list of names is mighty fodder for the Comedy Central gang. How many times do you think 9/11 and the War on Terror will be spoken?

Daytime Monday, Sept. 1: Joe Lieberman,  VP Dick Cheney (gasp)
Primetime Monday (10 p.m.-11 p.m. EDT): Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Bush and Laura Bush

Daytime Tuesday, Sept. 2: Former Gov. Tom Ridge, Former California Secretary of State Rosario Marin, Former Sen. Fred Thompson,  Gov. Linda Lingle and Former Lt. Gov. Michael Steele

Tuesday primetime (10 p.m.-11p.m. EDT): Gov. Sarah Palin, Gov. Mike Huckabee, Rudy Giuliani — KEYNOTER

Daytime Wednesday, Sept. 3: Sen. Norm Coleman, Meg Whitman, Ebay CEO, Carly Fiorina, former HP CEO and Mitt Romney

Wednesday primetime (10 p.m.-11p.m. EDT): Cindy McCain, VP nominee, Gov. Bobby Jindal will speak after the VP nominee

Daytime Thursday, Sept. 4: Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Gov. Charlie Crist, Sen. Sam Brownback, Sen. Mel Martinez

Thursday primetime (10 p.m.-11 p.m. EDT): John McCain

–  The Large Hadron Collider goes on line very soon. Who cares, you say? Most of what I know about black holes I learned thorugh watching Star Trek. Well, this is no Star Trek adventure. When the collider, located on the Swiss French border is activated, it is theorized that the collider will produce the elusive Higgs boson, the observation of which could confirm the predictions and “missing links” in the Standard Model of physics and could explain how other elementary particles acquire properties such as mass. In other words, we will all be sucked into a bottomless pit or you will still have to pay your credit card bill next month. Gulp! For those that like to look at things that they do not understand, check out the websiteGail Collins wrote a fine column on this subject yesterday.

–  We spent the day in the multi-faceted borough of Queens on Tuesday. First we had a terrific visit to the Queens Zoo then walked over to Shea Stadium to see the Mets play (and beat) Atlanta. I am not a big sports fan but I must say – when you have really good seats, it helps a lot. Check out the Queens theme week in photos. The Queens Zoo photos. The Mets game photos.

– This area in Queens has a wacky history. There have been frequent UFO sightings and apparently some animal disturbances and disappearances. Gulp!

–  An overdose of cute can almost be too much as you watch this adorable panda trying to climb a step:



1. Ted - August 24, 2008

Despite the Dems and the allied main stream media’s desperation to see Romney as McCain’s Veep, Mitt is clearly out, with (1) Obama doubling down on the class warfare theme (McCain’s 7 houses) and (2) McCain doubling down with ads showing the hypocrisy of Biden attacking Obama in the primaries — Romney did way more than that contra McCain.

This leaves only Govs Sarah Palin and Tim Pawlenty. Pro-abortion Ridge and Dem-Lieberman were never real considerations, despite relentless media goading. Pawlenty’s lackluster TV performances, coupled with Palin pizzazz, the primacy of oil drilling and the ticked off women/Hillary voters, does now portend a McCain/Palin checkmate on the Dems. This is so albeit the Dems and liberal media dare not mention Palin’s name, that is, everyone but…..

And if there’s any question as to Palin being uniquely positioned and able to more than nullify Biden in debate, see the excellent discussion at palinforvp.blogspot.com

Team McCain, well done!!!

2. Follow-Up Sunday « Lobo’s Rants - September 14, 2008

[…] started up the other day and did not blow up the world or suck us all into that black hole (yet). I wrote about this on August 24th. Check out this latest article and video on National […]

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