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I Still Have a Dream August 28, 2008

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August 28, 1963 was a momentous day. Forty five years ago (yes, I was really young) I was lucky to be among the 250,000 other people in Washington, DC that historic day along with my sister and new brother-in-law (who thought my going to the March alone was not a good idea). We headed down to DC, from Brooklyn, in their green VW Beetle not knowing that we would be witnessing history.

Luckily, my sister is the saver of mementos in the family and during a recent trip down memory lane, in one of the family souvenir boxes, I stumbled across the March on Washington pin (below) that she had saved from that day. Thank you, Terry for taking care of our treasures.

My memories of that day are murky, grainy and other than the color of the VW Beetle, in black and white (probably because of the file footage that is always viewed). I remember it was hot and I had never been with so many people with one purpose in mind. It was life altering. I continue to fight the good fight to this day. And that day did change things. It changed the course of civil rights in our country. Shortly after the March, the Civil Rights Act (1964) and the National Voting Rights Act (1965) were passed. If you look carefully at the photo on the left you might see the three of us on the right side of the reflecting pool (we are waving and smiling).

Some real progress has been made since that day as evidenced by the fact that our Party will be nominated Barack Obama  for President last night. I am very proud to be a Democrat and am sure I will cry my eyes out tonight as Obama accepts the nomination. There can be a new March on Washington to get rid of the rat bastards, restore their assault on our Bill of Rights, reverse the horrific spying practices, the fear mongering and the abuse of power. Much is left to be done to assure equality to all. We have another opportunity this election cycle to right many of the wrongs and to change the course of our Nation. Am I suddenly turning into an optimist? Certainly not. Tune in this weekend and my usual cynicism will return.

However, those feelings of hope and promise that I felt 45 years ago, as a young girl, are stirring inside me once again. I too, can still have a dream.

–  Bob Dylan performing at the March.

–  Here is the short version of that momentous speech that still brings tears to my eyes.

–  The full version of Martin Luther King’s  “I have a dream” speech.



1. bonnieluria - August 28, 2008

How can 45 years seem like so short a time and yet so long ago….

There’ve been a lot of tears being wiped on the convention floors these past few nights.

Oh how we all long for something else.

2. jimmyboi2 - August 28, 2008

RAT BASTARDS indeed! I’m surprised those thugs are still walking around, free… in fact, I’m surprised those thugs are still walking around!
I long for the day Gerorge Bush is tried and convicted of all the crimes he’s perpetrated against the American people. And th epenalty for treason in this country is still death, isn’t it? And I’m against the death penalty, but for him I will make an exception.

3. Jude Shapiro - August 28, 2008

What dreams Martin had!
We are now in a position to put in place, Obama, who will continue to move towards fulfilling those dreams.
Please let it happen!

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