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Sarah Palin is Dick Cheney in a Dress August 31, 2008

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The word is out that Sarah Palin is not a good substitute for Hillary Clinton. She will not draw those 18,000,000 cracks in the ceiling to pull the Repugnant lever on November 4th. Sarah Palin is Dick Cheney in a dress except that she has not shot anyone in the face yet.Palin is an Uber-right -wing nut job who happens to have a uterus. Palin has not met an oil deal she has not loved. She supported Pat Buchanan in 2000. She is frighteningly untested beyond the State of Alaska. She wants creationism to be taught alongside evolution in the classroom. She approves of aerial shooting of wolves and bears and ignores the appalling plight of the polar bear by suing the Government for putting them on the endangered species list. She strongly opposes reproductive rights for women, even in cases of rape or incest. She wants to overturn Roe V Wade.

How much thought went into this pick? McSame met Palin just one time at a meeting. They spoke on the telephone one more time last week and he then offered her the position. Yikes! Scary stuff. Someone commented on my blog that ” She’s Mike Huckabee with boobs.” Also interesting to note that Cindy McCain was a beauty pageant gal as well. What is it about John McCain and beauty pageant ladies? When the flap dies down and we are in the middle of what promises to be quite a battle for the White House, people will start to think about John McCain’s age and long list of health problems. Do you really want Sarah Palin a heartbeat away from the Oval Office?

She will surely need a crash course in the duties of a Vice President.

– Over 38,000,000 people watched Barack Obama’s acceptance speech Thursday night. I am not sure how they tally those people but it certainly is an impressive number. Jon Stewart had an exceptionally funny piece on Obama last night. Due to Viacom’s insane insistence over copyright violation it is no longer available on youtube but you can see the 5 minutes of fun on Comedy Central’s website.
Check it out.

– Speaking of copyright challenges – I got busted a few months ago for using copyrighted music in one of my 51 uploaded videos. It was not a cease and desist order. It was a note informing me that I was singled out for using music without permission. I had a choice to do nothing about it or I could take the video down. If I chose to keep the video alive an advertisement would now appear to the right of my video. This is one of the ways some corporations are dealing with copyright issues. Can you imagine? Out of the gazillion videos floating around out there, I got busted? Guess they are really watching me, huh? Check out the article from the NY Times on August 16th on this subject and then watch my video. I am not inserting the video into the blog so that you can actually see the ad on youtube.

– The sensational weather (and news of a sea lion pup) took me up to the Bronx Zoo last week. The sea lion pup did not disappoint and I was also surprised and delighted to see a juvenile De Brazza’s Monkey in the Congo habitat. Enjoy the photos and the video.



1. wendy - August 31, 2008

I’m just wondering how an ad for six flags benefits the copyright holder of “what’s new, pussycat?” Do Burt Bacharach and Hal David own shares in the amusement park?

2. Annabel - August 31, 2008


Your link to the NY Times article does not work but I’ll find the story.

“Guess they are really watching me,” You do speak freely! Thanks for all you do.

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