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Sarah’n-dipity September 3, 2008

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This is the Repugnant’s week. Last week was our week. Let the platitudes soar and the liars roar. They are doing their utmost to not come off as indifferent to the plight of the citizenry. So while Monday’s GOP efforts to empathize with the victims of Hurricane Bristol (oops, I mean, Gustav) came off looking more like a telethon competing with Jerry Lewis’ annual Muscular Dystrophy Labor Day event they did their utmost to look sincere. Did you notice they were all wearing suits and ties? I guess the memo went out that goofy t-shirts and hats would be unseemly for the occasion. When we start to see those goofy hats we know that the ‘all clear’ memo went out. So let us take a few moments today to laugh at the opposition. We can come out with gloves on next week.

– Watch Jack Cafferty have a hissy fit over Sarah Palin

– McCain-Palin versus McCain-Palin and the ‘bitch’ statement:

– From funny guy Dan Tynan comes the Top 10 Reasons Why Sarah Palin is the Perfect VP Candidate

WARNING: The following list may prove offensive to women, mothers, beauty queens (current and former), Alaskans, those with bladder conditions, those too senile to remember how many houses they own, middle class millionaires, gun-toting Bible thumpers, and members of the GOP. Management assumes no responsibility for psychological damage incurred.

10. Raising five kids is a lot like negotiating with Iran, Iraq, Syria, Israel and the Saudis.

9. If elected, there is at least a 50 percent chance she will know what branch of the government she works for.

8. Though governor for only 20 months, one month in Alaska is like a year anywhere else.

7. She doesn’t believe human actions caused global warming. God simply hates polar bears.

6. As the former runner-up to Miss Alaska, she’ll have a big advantage in the swimsuit competition at the next World Economic Forum.

5. She can still remember how many houses she owns (3).

4. As a supporter of Creationism, she’s sure to always be by McCain’s side – after all, she’s made from his rib.

3. She’ll be able to help McCain put on his diappies when he becomes completely incontinent.

2. With a 4-month-old baby she’ll already be awake when that 3 am phone call comes and McCain is in an Ambien-induced coma.

… and the number one reason Sarah Palin is a great choice for vice president:

1. As a longtime NRA member, she won’t hesitate to shoot anyone in the face.

– Watch this video from CBS on McSame’s new soul mate:

– And in the always leave’ em laughing:



1. robert - September 3, 2008

how many of the screaming cattle (uh delegates) at the republican conventiopn ever heard of palin before the nomination? now, like the mindless cows that they are, they scream and cheer as if she is the second coming of christ.

need we ask how many of the speakers, those supposedly in the knoe, ever heard of her? not too many i am sure

2. BungalowBILL - September 3, 2008

Why was Genarlow Wilson, a 17 yr old from Georgia, sent to prison for 10 years for having consensual oral sex with his 16 yr old girlfriend while 18 year old Levi Johnston will be paraded on stage at the Republican national convention for getting his 17 year old girlfriend pregnant as a champion of family values? Wait, I think I know..because Wilson is black and Johnston is white and the baby daddy of the Republican VP nominee.Sarah Palin. There used to be talk how Hillary Clinton couldn’t keep her own house in order so how could she run a country. Why do they not say it about Palin?

3. Joan Moriarity - September 19, 2008

How come Sara Palin and that pansy of a husband get away with ignoring sub penas and law suits. McCane with his Bush and Cheney’ high power lawyers at work. Doesn’t that say some thing about McCain and Bush’s dirty politics? McCane and Bush swimming together in the mud. Reformer is a laugh. Same old good old boy’s politics. Time to show the POW stuff again to get the old military boys behind him. He makes me sick!!!

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