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Rudy, Sarah and me September 4, 2008

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I could not help but watch some of the Repugnant Convention while at the gym this morning. The new kid on the block, Sarah Palin, had her coming out party. And the crowd went wild. Short of her eating raw meat on stage she is exactly what this convention of very white people wanted to see. She roared at them, bared her teeth, snarled and pretty much damned the opposition party as the ones who are responsible for all of our troubles. There is a frightening disconnect about the Repugnants. They seem to blame the Democrats for all that is wrong. Who do they think has been in charge for the part 7.5 years? Whose ideas have run us into debt, stripped us of our rights and continue to frighten the hell out of us on a daily basis.

Which brings me back to Rudy (aka Mad Max at the Thunderdome).

On the treadmill I use at the gym there is a heart monitor. I was watching to see if my heart raced while viewing clips of last night’s convention. When Sarah Palin spoke and snarled my heart was steady – if anything it went a little lower. When Rudy Giuliani’s face came on screen my heart monitor leapt from the ‘cardio’ mode all the way to ‘high’ on the meter. One step short of a stroke, I think. Good grief! This guy can still piss me off.

The Repugnants roll out Rudy, whose constant stream of hate, intense anger and vitriol get the loyal followers all riled up. He reminds them how scared we should be. He reminds them how we are sitting ducks for the terrorists who are out there. He reminds me of the failures of the Bush administration.

Did anyone hear one single solution to our country’s problems last night? Did anyone hear Bush and Cheney’s name mentioned. By the way – Cheney is somewhere in the Republic of Georgia doing something. Probably sealing a deal for Haliburton.

–  ABC News talked with Ben Stein about John McCain’s “peculiar” choice of Sarah Palin.

–  Oh oh – another microphone goof: Peggy Noonan and Mike Murphy were overheard talking about Sarah Palin on the MSNBC set at the Republican convention.

–  In an unrelated story: A woman convicted of murdering her infant daughter by microwaving her was spared the death penalty Wednesday by a jury that couldn’t reach a unanimous decision.

–  Billy the dog disappeared during the big floods of 2002 in Mozambique. He emerged from the jungle this year, carrying a little monkey on his back, Kiko.They were skinny and half dead, bud they had made it through all these years. Billy had defended kiko from all the dangers of the jungle, including a bunches of savage dogs willing to have kiko as dessert. They are unseparable, Kiko sleeps hugged to billy,they eat together,do everything together and they still are unconfident about humans. Only the two of them, forever.



1. Carol King - September 4, 2008

McSame’s “trophy vice” is a pitt bull with lipstick? Who needs another pitt bull as VP. We already had years of Dick Cheney.

2. Carol King - September 4, 2008

Oh, and when is Rudy going to oficially change his name to
“Rudy 9/11 Giuliani”?

3. bonnieluria - September 4, 2008

Has anyone else noticed these pop up mini windows in You Tube that project ” bonhomies ” from Palins’ view that Iraq is a ” task from God “?

You can’t close it out and if you click on it to get rid of it, it leads you to her speech!!!!!!

What’s next? A camera in our bedrooms!!!

4. BungalowBILL - September 4, 2008

Give the Republicans a little chant and someone to hate and they’re happy. Nasty people. Couldn’t Palin get a sitter last night or will she drag that poor baby around like a cocker spaniel until the election?

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