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The Repugnants Want a Do-Over September 6, 2008

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The Repugnants Want a Do-Over.  They are essentially yelling at us (have you noticed they do not speak – they yell?) that the ‘elite’, the Washington ‘Insiders’, and the broken policies of Guv’ment have to be fixed. I scratch my head, as my eyes pop out and my ears go boing —- who has been in charge? Whose policies have broken the Guv’ment ?  Whose names have been on the doors in the Halls of Power? The media has been John McShame’s best friend for years. Now suddenly, they are the enemy. Yes, it seems to me they want a do-over, plain and simple.

Have you also noticed that Sarah Palin has not had an interview with the press yet. It has been 9 days since she was pulled out of seeming obscurity to the rest of the world and she is still not apparently ready to face the media. How long do you think she will be able to hide out? She has to face Joe Biden in a debate on October 2nd. I have a feeling she will memorize the same five answers and apply those same five answers to all questions asked of her, regardless of whether they fit and then insert a snarky remark or two along the way for laughs. Joe Biden will be fine against Palin. For those that like to mark their calendars, here are the debate dates for you again:

Presidential Debates
Jim Lehrer, Sept. 26, at Ole Miss.
Tom Brokaw, Oct. 7, in Nashville
Bob Schieffer, Oct. 15, at Hofstra.

Vice Presidential Debate
Gwen Ifill, Oct. 2, at Wash. U in St. Louis

–  My favorite, Rachel Maddow starts her own show on MSNBC Monday night. Don’t worry, I will watch so you don’t have to and will report those gems as they occur. Catch her filling in for Keith Olbermann, Friday night. Catching the lies and the liars who say them.

Joe Biden is on a role as seen in his speech the other day. McCain and Palin are called out for completely ignoring every single major economic issue facing America and for offering nothing but sarcastic personal attacks. From the jedreport.com

Evolution VS. Creationism is back on the list of debate topics. Sigh! There are a whole lot of famous people who do not believe in evolution. Check out some on this list and don’t forget to read the descriptive passage next to their names. My favorite is the one next to Ann Coulter’s name.

– In an effort to be fair and balanced I bring you Jon Stewart’s salute to John McCain.

–  Katie Couric interviewed Cindy McCain during the Convention, and asked her about McCain’s VP pick, her own stance on abortion, and her husband’s race for the White House. Interesting answers to important questions.

–  My new blog buddy, Scott Muskin, the maker of ‘No Country for Grumpy Old Men’ t-shirt has a great blog. Here are a few items that caught my eye. Go to his site to see more for yourself.

On this last day of the Republican National Convention, amidst the ebbing celebration and reinvigorated party faithful, Newsmaker News brings you a few of the week’s highlights.
• Heightened safety: thanks to heart-detection devices, the convention was free of the fear that it would be infiltrated by people with hearts.

• American hats: in deference to the suffering on the Gulf Coast, delegates wore their American hats first, their Republican hats second, and their ass hats when out on the town.

• Gulf Coast care packages: delegates volunteered to package relief items for Gustav victims, including bottled water, prayers, tax breaks, and bootstraps.

• Joe Lieberman praises McCain: the independent Democrat defied his party by addressing the largest collection of goyim outside Idaho.

–  More on the Palin is Huckabee in a prettier package:

–  The Daily Show has been on a role this week.

–  Samantha Bee of the Daily Show shot one out of the park in this piece on the idea of CHOICE.

–  This is my new favorite Cindy McSame video:

–  Olafur Eliasson’s four waterfall public art sculptures have graced the East River harbor since June. I have gone to see them a few times via foot and Water Taxi. It is fun and a beautiful day outing. You still have until mid-October to see them. Be aware that the city responded to complaints that the waterfalls were causing damage to plants and trees along the Brooklyn promenade. NEW HOURS: STARTING MONDAY SEPTEMBER 8 are: Mondays and Wednesdays: 5:30-9:00 pm and Tuesdays, and Thursdays through Sundays: 12:30 – 9:00. Check out my photo montage here.

– I also went to the always fun Prospect Park Zoo the last week of August. Here are a few of the beautiful faces I saw that day.

My recent visit to the Bronx Zoo included these gorgeous and adorable ring-tailed Mongoose(s).



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