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Keith gets demoted – my head explodes. September 8, 2008

Posted by judylobo in Photography, Politics, Videos.
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MSNBC has demoted Keith Olbermann (and Chris Matthews). Now I am really pissed. Keith Obermann has been unafraid to tell it like it is for years and now NBC are all candy-asses as far as I am concerned. It seems they would rather have the Karl Rove suck-up, David Gregory, in their anchor chair. My head is exploding.

David Gregory rapping with Karl Rove:

David Gregory dancing again:

Here is Keith telling Joe Scarborough to ‘get a shove’:



1. robert - September 8, 2008

Are they f***ing crazy? We finally get political coverage that tells it straight and the a**holes get rid of the? What horse shit.

2. ruth - September 8, 2008

Don’t hate me but — I think Keith will do better as a commentator instead of anchor. He’ll feel free to offer his unfettered opinion. (Nobody does unfettered better than Keith). The Keith and Chris co-anchor tensions at the conventions were really bad — many people just stopped listening to them.

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