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I owe Charlie Gibson an apology September 13, 2008

Posted by judylobo in Politics, Videos.
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My apologies to Charlie Gibson. I thought he handled the Sarah Palin ‘get’ really well. It was not a fluff interview. I watched as he actually asked follow up questions. A follow up question is something the American public has not had a lot of experience with for many years. What I saw was a woman who is woefully inadequate for a job that is a ‘heartbeat from the presidency.’ If this is the first decision that John McCain had to make can you imagine what decisions he would make if he were actually elected? I laughed out loud when I heard that her next, and perhaps final interview, will be with Fox Noise’s Sean Hannity. Now that is funny.

Here are two clips from the interview. How come Sarah Palin can easily pronounce Iran’s Ahmadinejad but cannot pronounce the word, NUCLEAR? I have a feeling the coaches did not press her on this mispronunciation because maybe they think after eight years of it being mispronounced, the American public does not know the difference. This segment of Charlie Gibson’s interview was representative of the painfully inadequate Palin.

This exchange about ‘earmarks’ sealed the deal for me. Palin has absolutely no idea what she is talking about. She does not understand the basic way that Government is run and pretty mich has an excuse for every single position that she is now being called upon to explain.



1. BungalowBILL - September 13, 2008

Jeanne Moost did a piece on CNN showing Palin’s teleprompter during the RNC. They spelled NEW-CLEAR for her so she could pronounce it phonetically. The excuse was that it was Bush’s speech writers, no one could possibly not be able to pronounce that word.

She whines that the press isn’t treating her fairly because she is a woman. How will she handle being a head of state up against Putin and other tough world leaders?

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