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Bridge Loan to Nowhere? September 17, 2008

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Massive headlines this morning as we all learn that ‘we’ have taken over AIG with a bridge loan of $85 Billion. Maybe ‘we’ can all buy the Brooklyn Bridge too. I hear it is for sale. So here is what we know. Apparently AIG was TOO big and TOO important to let it go under. So, we have temporarily nationalized this company and ‘hope’ that within two years they can pay us back. A smart friend tells me this morning that he thinks Treasury Secretary Paulson is going to sell off bits an pieces of AIG to his ‘friends’ on Wall Street during this time. I do not know about that but I do know that we need a lot more regulation in this free market that seems to this economic dunderhead as more like a free fall market.

–  Check out what bumper sticker you would have on your car if you drove a……

–  Speaking of bumper stickers – Bumper Sticker Ruth sent me this interesting site to check out what your taxes would be under an Obama plan or a McSame plan. Will he raise my taxes?

– Rachel Maddow on the flip flopper unregulated mumble mouth McCain:

– Rachel Maddow on SIZE, Lies and the McCain Campaign:

–  The Fundamentals are strong is more truthful if said meaning the Fundalmentalists are strong and they vote:

– Did you hear the one about McCain and his invention of the Blackberry?



1. bonnieluria - September 17, 2008

The debate I’d like to see would be Palin taken down by Rachel Maddow………

2. Annabel - September 17, 2008

Thanks, Lobo, for the Obama tax calculator. I’ve been phone banking Nevada and many think that everyone is going to get a instant tax hike if Obama gets elected – not so! This is a very helpful link.

By the way, the Golden Gate Bridge may be operating at a perpetual deficit but it is never for sale!

Best wishes from the Left Coast.

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