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The Abdication of King George September 20, 2008

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Who’s in charge? Will 300 million of us go to a shareholder’s meeting of AIG? Where will we meet? Will there be refreshments?  It seems that all of the behind the scenes oddball schemes, goofy systems, lack of regulation and oversight have finally caught up with the high rolling crowd. There are many unanswered question and lots of teeny weeny details to be worked out. I, for one, have added this to the list of my anxieties for the time being and unless you have all of your money in a mattress somewhere, you should be anxious too. Bush emerged from his cocoon yesterday in the company of many serious guys in suits to reassure us that the collapsing economy is being worked. Why doesn’t his presence make me feel any better? King George has abdicated his responsibilities to the guys in suits who actually studied when they went to school and got their MBA’s.

–  Rachel Maddow speaks with Paul Krugman about our dire situation.

–  Here is Bush’s new nominee for Secretary of the Treasury counting our cash:



1. jimmyboi2 - September 20, 2008

I don’t think this $800 billion “bailout” is a good thing… it’s throwing good money after bad. This is NOT the way to fix things. I dob’t know what the solution is, but I don’t believe throwing money at a problem is the solution. I say let the country settle itself into a financial mire for a few years (but put your money under the mattress first). This would show a lot of out greedmeisters that their way of life can NOT be sustained.

I like Rachel Maddow too– she reminds me a bit of a more frantic Linda Ellerbee, who I loved.

2. Annabel - September 20, 2008

Bush and his buddies have robbed this country blind over the last 8 years with their financial gymnastics. It’s criminal that the taxpayer is left holding the bag!

Loved the new Treasury Secretary – certainly as effective as the current one and a lot less partisan. Meow.

3. Carol - September 20, 2008

Will 300 million of us go to a shareholder’s meeting of AIG? Where will we meet? Will there be refreshments?


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