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Jumping Thru Hoops & 10 Foot Polls September 21, 2008

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So many issues to think about so little time to gather one’s thoughts and focus on one blog topic. Therefore, I will jump through hoops (notice I like to tie in my daily photo with a blog title) trying to get to the topic that interests me most this morning – the polls. I am obsessed with a website named fivethirtyeight – electoral projections done right. (538 is the number of electors in the Electoral College).  Why do I like this site so much you may ask? Well, they have very cool, easy to comprehend at a glance, graphics. There is easy to understand explanations (if you read their FAQ’s you will see how they arrive at their conclusions). They also have the oh so important Senate projections (why are we not hearing more about these races?). If you start poking around their site you will find other fascinating stuff like Electoral History Charts and info on other pollsters. This is one site that I like to touch with that proverbial ten foot pole (poll).

– I wanted to write about the never discussed Keating Five Scandal but that issue can hold for another day or two. If that fiasco was pounded home to the electorate I think those poll numbers would change dramatically. I also want to discuss the possibility of two or more Supreme Court nominees in the next administration. Now THAT is a HUGE (or YOOGE, as we say in Brooklyn) topic. Another day for that as well.

Bernie Sanders (Vermont), the first Socialist Senator and graduate of my alma mater, Brooklyn’s James Madison High School (he was in my sister’s class) must be kvelling a bit that our country seems to be teetering on Socialism now, with our economic turmoil. Watch Bernie (and listen to his lovable Brooklyn accent) as he addresses the crisis at hand and the existing ideology with special focus on Phil Gramm (Nation of Whiners), who WILL be the Secretary of the Treasury in a McSame administration. Bernie Sanders spells out the true origins of our Wall Street meltdown, and proposes the right solution. We need a buy-out, not a bail-out – and we need to restore the regulations that served us well for more than 60 years.

– Just in case you forgot who Phil Gramm is –

– And why should we HATE this smug Phil Gramm guy? He was THE Senator who was responsible for overturning the Glass Steagall Act of 1933 that established the FDIC and the banking regulations that controlled speculation. The repeal of this Act enabled commercial lenders, to underwrite and trade instruments such as mortgage backed securities and collateralized debt obligations and establish structured investment vehicles that bought those securities. The HUGE lobby called, Citicorp and other heavy hitters played a major part in the repeal. Fast forward to todays bailout and the fingers can point to Gramm as the #1 culprit. The veto proof Repugnant held Congress forced President Clinton to sign this repeal.

– How this financial crisis happened by NBC News. I call this video, the Crisis for Dummies. It is a great, short, explanation.

–  Watch Brian Williams, Jim and Maria discuss the pros and cons of the bailout. The Great Depression: The Sequel.

– Here is another candidate for Secretary of the Treasury. Watch him count.



1. Sue Ferla - September 21, 2008

Hi- I’m in Vt. this Sunday morning watching these clips and applauding the levelheaded logic of Bernie Sanders. I feel alittle queasy about the whole issue but thanks for your organized presentation.

2. Renee Branch-Wagner - September 21, 2008

Thanks for Bernie Sanders. Between his Brooklyn Accent and the content of his message, I’m in love. Todays LA Times, or rather the
Weekend Edition that came out Saturday, pg.A10 has more news about
a campaign against Chris Matthews being run by an organization called The New Agenda. They are described as nonpartisan????They describe
him as misogynist. In the last 24hrs I’ve seen Colin Powell and Mike Bloomberg and other big guns describe what kind of person the new
President should be. Sounded like Obama,not McSame. They are waiting, they said because they “won’t make up their minds” until after the debates.

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