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Airforce One, JetBlue, McCain and Letterman September 25, 2008

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Sitting on the tarmac at JFK we hear the mellow voice of our Jet Blue cptain telling us that we re going to be 30 minutes early on our trip to California. The general tone is happiness inside the airplane. We belt up, ready ourselves for an uneventful flight and what happens? We re told that we have an unexpected delay for an unknown amount of time. A collective groan can be heard throughout the cabin. After what seemed like n endless silent wait we were told if we look out the left side of the plane we can see Air force One getting ready to leave JFK. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Yes, The thug on chief stopped all air traffic t JFK for 40 minutes as he left the Big Apple.

I watched the unraveling of the McCain campaign on the little Jet Blue TV. What a turd.

Letterman skewers McCain for ‘dissing’ him, his campaign suspension and essentially gets busted as he is seen prepping for the Katie Couric show.



1. bonnieluria - September 25, 2008

Like the other kind of mailman, neither rain nor sleet nor Air Force 1 delaying your travels, nothing stops the delivery of YOUR mail.

Glad you’re safely there and plugged in.

2. Debbie - October 5, 2008

What a great segment! And to see Henry Kissinger after all
these years back on Letterman! He sure looks great, too, what
is he now, 75 or so??? Barely has gray hair !

McCain is apparently a liar who doesn’t have any faith in
Sarah Palin, as none of us do. God help us if this bimbo
gets to the seat one breath from the presidency.

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