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The Keating Five, not the Jackson Five September 26, 2008

Posted by judylobo in Photography, Politics, Videos.
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The world is in a sorry state. The headlines are more eye-popping each day. Washington Mutual is bought out by JP Morgan Chase. The Repugnants are storming the gates in order to distance themselves from Bush as the election creeps ever closer. The election  process gets more dizzying and nuttier with each news cycle. And the news cycles are shorter and shorter. It is hard to pinpoint the latest outrage. Can you imagine the voter who does not pay attention? How does this all effect his vote?  Could you ever have imagined the insanity that is going on over tonight’s debate? Will he show up? Won’t he show up? Will the VEEP debate happen? It is like a soap opera and sadly we re all participants in this nightmare. Stay tuned.

–  John McCain is dissembling before our eyes. His campaign is in free fall. He and his managers are nuts and I cannot imagine another four more years of insane, incompetent leadership at the top.

–  While the financial markets are in free fall the crimes of the Bushies are finally slipping out. Check out this piece on the torturers in the thug house.

–  Anyone remember the Keating Five? Not the Jackson Five, the Keating Five.



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