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Debate One – the day after September 27, 2008

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Thank goodness for Tivo. We were able to watch the debates on our own left coast timetable. What do I think? I think that I want my President to be level headed, clear minded, cool, calm and articulate. I do not want a President who is nasty, disagreeable, vindictive and stuck in a 20th century mindset. Conjuring up the policies of dead Republican Presidents, like McSame repeatedly evoked does nothing to change anyone’s mind. I thought Obama clearly won the part of the debate about the economy. McSame seems to feel all of our problems will be solved if we could just cut out pork, continue to cut taxes and I guess, go along the same path as Bush and his thugs have followed. Doe anyone think those policies have sucked? Yes, I would have liked to see Obama throw out a cutting remark or two, but he is not that type of guy. He is always respectful of his opponent and consistent in his temperament. When McSame got into the part of the debate about foreign policy I found myself yelling at the TV.  His nastiness came pouring out as he accused Obama of being naive, lacking understanding and of being inexperienced. Obama did not get in the jabs I wanted him to get – but what I did see was a man who does not lose his cool and I think that is very cool indeed. Score Obama 1 – McSame 0. Next week, October 2, we get to see Sarah Palin and Joe Biden. I cannot wait.

–  Instant polling – or as I like to say – your knee jerk response to what you just witnessed:

– Not only do I find McSame a frightening prospect as loony in charge, I am more frightened of Sarah Palin being so close to that Oval Office. Watch Jack Cafferty Tells Us How He Really Feels About Sarah Palin

–  If you think there are no outside factors effecting the selection of our next President, do not dis David Letterman.

–  And speaking of disrespect, I could not help but notice that McSame is a testy, nasty man. He treats the opposition as if they do not deserve to be on the same platform as him. It seems the talking heads agree.

–  In an unrelated news item – check out this Repugnant Bozo and his idea.


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