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He said, she said October 2, 2008

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Get ready for lots of finger jabs, a few winks and lots of one liners coming from Sarah Palin in the debate tonight. The expectation bar has been set so low for Ms Palin, that her uttering a complete sentence will be spun as a huge win. ‘Joe Six-Pack’, which is what she now calls herself, will be as charming and folksy as she can be, to keep the Repugnant base happy and to perhaps win over some fence sitters. Her performance tonight is do or die for this decomposing campaign. The situation in this country is on life support and even the politically uniformed do not want to hand over the reigns of this nation to a nutty cowboy and a former beauty queen. Will she surprise and dazzle us with words of wisdom. If that happens it will be one huge rabbit pulled out of a magic hat.

If you did not see any part of the John McCain interview with the Register’s editorial board it is worth a look. He is testy, angry and very nasty. I do not think these are good traits to have if you are President.

My favorite snippet of this interview has to do with his wanting to be a dictator.

Watch the full Katie Couric interview with Sarah Palin here and see moments of clarity and many more moments of head scratching gems:

For some humor and deserved unusual anger check out Jon Stewart’s take on the bailout. McCain and Congress.



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