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About last night… October 3, 2008

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In yesterday’s post I said “Get ready for lots of finger jabs, a few winks and lots of one liners coming from Sarah Palin in the debate tonight. The expectation bar has been set so low for Ms Palin, that her uttering a complete sentence will be spun as a huge win. ‘Joe Six-Pack’, which is what she now calls herself, will be as charming and folksy as she can be, to keep the Repugnant base happy and to perhaps win over some fence sitters.” If you saw the debate, other than the finger pointing (which was most likely covered by the podium) her ‘performance’ was as expected. If you are an Obama supporter (as most of you are) do not panic that Sarah Palin did not implode as she has done in her recent TV interviews. She was prepped and she had a full script of answers in front of her. I, for one, await a press conference, sans script. Think that will happen anytime soon?

Her winking was the most annoying mannerism to me. However, it was what she said that needs to be addressed and that was pretty much nothing. She did not answer questions when she did not have a prepared script and if pressured to retort to something Joe Biden said she would simply repeat a phrase or two that she had already spoken. There is no depth of understanding on any issue. Even on her signature issue, ‘energy,’ her salivating over drilling for more oil is as far as she gets into the subject. Energy dependence for Ms Palin is more drilling, especially in the Alaskan tundra.

She somehow managed to categorize the Bush administration as ancient history that should be sloughed off with the words ‘some blunders have been made.’ When unable to distance herself from any Bush policies, she just calls herself a maverick. I laughed out loud when she said she would expand the role of Vice President in the manner of Dick Cheney, ‘as the Constitution allows.’ Biden slammed her down for that comment loud and clear.

Joe Biden was the clear winner last night and is surely able to step into the Oval office if necessary. He was thoughtful, stayed on message and pounded McCain’s record as one in lockstep with George W. Bush. In the thunder to the debate, the media did not spend enough time yesterday discussing the fact that the McCain campaign has given up on Michigan. They have pulled out their operatives and moved on (Obama has done the same thing in Georgia).

On Climate: Joe Biden explains the fundamental difference between Obama-Biden and McCain-Palin.

On Vice Presidential Powers:

Who won the debate?

More instant polling:



1. Sue Ferla - October 3, 2008

Nice try Sara, but no dice.

2. Renee Branch-Wagner - October 3, 2008

Palin showed in her interviews with the press and in the debate that she
did not have the knowledge required to become a citizen,and that she
cannot function within the rules of discourse required of adults in public life. Palin enjoys killing wild animals with an automatic weapon from the safety of an air plane: she has no compunctions about the lies of the McSame campaign because she seems oblivious to the actual records of the principals involved,which makes it that much easier for her to deliver her shots and snarls. Then she does a cutesy smirky number that might make even the most rightwing Stepford wife retch. She could not deal with the gentle supportive Katie Coric asking simple questions — she shines only when performing for the Choir and jousting with Men and flirting with them
at the same time. Then lets hold that Special Needs child for a breather. Then chant USA like a High school cheerleader. YUK!

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