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Morphs, laughs and gaffs October 4, 2008

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One of the things that bothered me the most and sparked a verbal outburst in my living room was Sarah Palin’s view of the role of the Vice President if, in fact, they won the election. After eight years of Dick Cheney I think all would agree that the idea of an enlarged VP role is unwise. Rachel Maddow talks to Jonathan Turley about Sarah Palin’s statements about expanding the powers of the Vice President during the debate and her Cheney-like actions in Alaska with refusing to honor subpoenas and hiding emails. The New York Times sounds the alarm on this topic on their editorial page today as well.

–  The always vocal BIll Maher had something to say as well:

–  If you are not obsessed with the website, try again. I love it and am addicted to the charts, graphs and numbers.

–  The top five myths about John McCain from Rolling Stone Magazine. The video and the article

–  And while we were sleeping the National Debt hit 10 trillion plus. OY!

–  Watch this comparison from last night’s Keith Olbermann’s show:

–  In the always leave ’em laughing mode, I leave you this morning with this frightening laugh:



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