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Over and Under the Radar October 5, 2008

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Yes, there is other news, Virginia. Other stuff is happening under the Sarah Palin all news, all the time radar. I thought it would be a good idea to talk about some of those things this morning along with more McTesty/Palin stuff.

–  We are witnessing ‘pulpit freedom Sunday’ across this separation of church and state land of ours. 33 ministers have decided to defy federal law and endorse a candidate (guess who would appeal to conservative Christians?). They are going to send copies of their sermons to the IRS in order to force the ‘tax exempt status before the Supreme Court. In 1954, an amendment to the tax code was added saying that charitable organizations known as 501(c)(3)’s, which accept tax-deductible contributions, cannot intervene in political campaigns. The legislation was intended to prevent nonprofit organizations from funneling money and resources to political candidates.

– Finally, the AG Michael Mukasey has hired a Special Prosecutor to investigate the firing of the nine US Attorneys (especially, New Mexico’s David Iglesias). Will former hack Alberto Gonzales get his due? Stay tuned.

–  Queen Latifah played Gwen Ifill on last night’s Saturday Night Live parody of the Biden/Palin debate. Since NBC will take down all of the youtube links I am attaching the NBC link itself.

– Raise your hand if you are gosh darned tired of hearing the word ‘maverick?’ (wink wink). Terrellita Maverick, 82, a San Antonio descendent of the original progressive family named Maverick is pissed at her family’s name being used so loosely.

–  Frank Rich writes this week about Sarah Palin vs Barack Obama called Pitbull Palin Mauls McCain

– Put your money where your mouth is please. I have decided to send money to the campaigns of Minnesota’s Al Franken and former Governor Jean Shaheen of New Hampshire. I think these two democrats have a very good shot at gaining two seats for the Blue team. Check out other close races at fivethirtyeight and make a contribution please.

– Here is Rachel Maddow’s critique and analysis on the Palin side of the debate:

– Check out my photos from last week’s visit to California and the Oakland Zoo and San Francisco Zoos.

–  In the always leave ’em howling mode:



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