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Image is everything – cool, calm and collected October 8, 2008

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Watching last night’s meeting between Obama and McNasty was not what I would call a town hall meeting. The goofy rules of the evening created the stilted, robotic audience, that was not allowed to react in any way (although I did see some smiles and at the end many people were clamoring to have their photos taken with Obama). It was another opportunity for these two men, who clearly have no fondness for one another, to gather in front of the American public to give mini-speeches and finger point.

If you have been following this campaign there was not a whole lot new. I did see that Obama was not giving McNasty any credit for his past record or accomplishments. That was a major gaff in the first debate. Obama is able to correct mistakes. That is a good quality. Obama did also not allow McSame to get away with distorting his record without responding – regardless of the rules and Tom Brokaw’s protestations.

Obama looked Presidential. He looked like he was in charge. He looked reassured. He looked cool, calm and collected. In these uncertain times, I believe the American people want those qualities in a President. 27 days to go until game, set, match.

Now – about McGrumpy. He tried very hard to be as nice and respectful as he could but he just could not help himself and his disdain and nasty temper got the best of him. I had a visceral reaction to the moment when he approached Obama and pointed his finger and referred to him as “that one.”

He wandered about the stage while Obama was speaking like a loony old man. He feverishly was jotting down notes in-between his turn to speak. It seemed as if he was not listening to what Obama said and needed a crib sheet to answer the question. He was disrespectful to the intelligence of a young-man who asked a question about the economy and McLoony in his response, assumed the young man had never heard of Fannie and Freddie. I laughed when McTesty spoke about putting health records on line to save money. How about putting his own health records out there first?

The TV pundits were all salivating about whether there would be questions about William Ayers (the distant link to Obama). There probably were questions asked about that issue but Tom Brokaw selected the questions that were to be asked and he did not want the session to go in that direction.

So what happens now? Look out for more slimy Repugnant ads about Obama being a guy who hangs out with terrorists, that he is a Muslim (by the way – that rally bothers me. So what if he was Muslim?) a liberal, tax raising elitist and if you had not noticed – he is black. McNasty gave up his honor a long time ago. He wants this Presidency so much he does not care what his campaign does in order to achieve that goal. In NYC we do not get many ads about the election at all. The Repugnants know this is a Blue town and are not spending any money here. I feel sorry for you, out there, if you are getting all of the nastiness all of the time. Hang on – it is less than a month until the fat lady sings.

Watch Keith and Rachel discuss the debate:

Instant CNN polling for you:



1. bonnieluria - October 8, 2008

McCan’t: Can’t speak without notes, Can’t remember without writing.
What was he writing??
He came out on the floor at 9:01, sat down, and picked up a pencil and began to write!!
What was he writing already? No one said anything yet!

What was he doing- taking his SAT’s??

2. Renee Branch-Wagner - October 8, 2008

McCain is Bush all over again in many ways. The out of control party boy all through school, getting away with it through family legacy,never
really doing his homework, afraid of his father, walking a fine line to keep the family hopeful. The Los Angeles Times had front page article
on Monday October 6th, “Mc Cain’s mishaps in the cockpit” which reveals the irresponsible actions involved in his early crashes of three different Navy planes. His impulsive behavior is part of his basic personality, it isn’t going to go away and is now confined within an aging, frustrated and rage-filled body/mind.

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