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U.S. Sneezes, World Catches Cold October 10, 2008

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The U.S. Sneezes and the world catches a cold ( or maybe pneumonia). Little pieces of the sky are falling all around the world. Maybe Chicken Little was right. I know about as much about the economy as John McFeisty, but it seems to me that this made in the USA financial crisis is not going to be settled anytime soon. The world does not trust us (why should they)? I also believe the crisis will right itself later, not sooner. Perhaps the world wide lack of confidence will change course after our US election on November 4th. I know that I will feel better after the election (assuming Obama wins). Perhaps we all need huge helpings of chicken soup. This just in – the price of a barrel of crude oil just plummeted to $83 per barrel in a panicked sell-off of crude and equities.

–  Now back to what I feel comfortable talking about – the election. When Ed Rollins (Reagans campaign manager) thinks Obama will win I start feeling a little better:

–  Today is the day that the Trooper-Gate report is supposed to be coming out from ‘up there’ in Alaska. Not surprisingly, the McNasty -Palin campaign released a report clearing Palin of all charges.
We, however, await the real Judge’s report to see if Ms Alaska abused her power. Now that we know this woman a little better, is there anyone out there who does not think she abused her power of office? Watch Rachel Maddow on the topic from last night’s show:

–  Conservative David Brooks on Sarah Palin as Vice president choice  claims Sarah Palin is a “fatal cancer to the Republican party” (yikes):

–  There are a few good men left out there. Sheriff Dart of Cook County is stopping evictions:

–  In the always leave ’em laughing mode check out these rePUGlicans:



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