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You Reap What You Sow October 11, 2008

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It was a bad day for the McNasty-Palin team. The angry mobs who come to their rallies are one step short of carrying torches have crossed the line with shouts of ‘terrorist, bomb him and kill him.’ They gather together and are whipped up into a frenzy with cries by Palin’s hateful speeches about Obama’s questionable terrorist associations, filled with racist coding that he is not one of us,  that he is radical and that he is the dreaded liberal. Yesterday McNasty had to calm the crowds down and defend Obama as a decent citizen. I would not call it an endorsement, or a turn around in the Repugnant strategy, but you could say it was not a good day for the Repugnants.  If that were not enough, late yesterday a bipartisan legislative committee investigating Sarah Palin found she unlawfully abused her authority in firing Alaska’s public safety commissioner, Walter Monaghan. So guess what? It turns out she is not the reformer that she claims to be. She abused her trust and power by allowing her pit-bull husband and other subordinates to press for his firing. Interesting also is that the committee found that she did actually have the power under her office to fire him – so why did she do what she did? Why did she lie about it? Hmmm. Stay tuned.

–  Here is Rachel Maddow talking about this angry mob situation:

– Here is one more McMea culpa:

–  Info on William Ayers: If, like I, you didn’t know the full scope of Bill Ayers’ career before the current mob-incited furor started, you might find this link interesting.

–  Check out Jon Stewart’s take on the economy.

–  Here is all you need to know about Sarah Palin in 30 seconds:



1. jimmyboi2 - October 11, 2008

It’s boiled down to this– that the only bona-fide McC / P supporters appear to be members of “the mob.” I see the same people in their crowds as I see in pro-Nazi rallies of the 1930s– she is especially good at inciting them with her VERY dangerous codified speech– this is the worst type of verbalization: ideology couched within seemingly innocent euphemisms; it’s a way of allowing and encouraging violence and hate. EXTREMELY dangerous. I’m glad to see sensible Republicans defecting!

Hopefully this is signalling the end of our multi-party system– what we need is a Citizens Committee running this country…

2. Renee Branch-Wagner - October 11, 2008

The Oct.13th issue of the New Yorker has many interesting articles about the Election. George Packer’s account of Ohio’s working class brought tears to my eyes. A must read.

3. Chris - October 12, 2008

Thanks for posting the http://www.supportbillayers.org link. As a personal friend I find it troubling that McCain & the media are using a very loose connection to him to bring down Obama. Futile especially as Ayers was never found guilty and for over 30 years has been serving as an distinguished educator and giving back to the community. It’s hard to argue with thousands of educators who know him personally putting their name besides him, yet the slander continues.

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