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The Last Debate October 15, 2008

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This campaign has been a never ending slog. However, here we are, the last debate is tonight and then it is the ‘get out the vote’ last hurrah. Tonight’s debate at Hofstra is dedicated to a discussion of the economy. I know that McNasty has promised his rabid fans that he will bring up the Bill Ayers connection and has promised to uncover who the real Barack Obama might be but I am betting he will not bring up those topics and will stay focused (in-between rambling about being a maverick) on the economy and his leadership (?) skills and his ability to cross the aisle, my friends. Sadly, we will not be able to see him aimlessly wandering around the stage because this is not one of those town-hall style debates. Of course, being a maverick, he may decide to wander around anyway. The photo on the left is an Obama flag hanging outside the Pentagram Design Studio in the Flatiron District. I see it everyday and it brings a smile to my face.

– Keith was a bit rabid and frothy himself last night as he delivered one of his special comments. The topic last night was McNasty’s rabid campaign and his responsibility for that campaign.

– Check out Jon Stewart’s take on the McSwitch campaign. Watch it before Viacom takes it down. They have already taken it down. Try this link.



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