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Mr. Hothead V Mr. Cool October 16, 2008

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Some thoughts about last night’s final debate between Obama and McCain. I am off to DC for a few days. Hopefully, the Internet connection will work and I will be posting from another location.

– Bob Schieffer was by far the best moderator of the four debates. He was able to control the jabber, the time and was able to move onto new topics when needed. He asked interesting questions and framed them in ways that required thoughtful direct answers. Sometimes he got those answers, sometimes he did not. Kudos to Bob.

–  Barack Obama had to maintain his consistency, his message and his demeanor. I was expecting nothing less and he, as far as I could see, he was the clear winner on points, message and tone. He was Presdential.

– John McCain simply cannot control himself. He is, indeed, erratic, as the Obama campaign declares. I thought my head would explode when the hot topic of ‘choice’ was raised. Any woman that was still on the fence last night clearly moved to the left when McCain poo poo’d the ‘mother’s health’ as an issue in the debate. He said he had no Rove V Wade litmus test for a Supreme Court selection and then went on to say he did have a litmus test.

– The free trade question was vigorous, their visions for the future clear and the manner in which Obama handled the Vice presidential question was brilliant. The hot topic of Bil Ayers and Acorn was fun to watch as McCain, who has a difficult time expressing himself left millions of viewers scratching their heads and still not having a clue what the heck ACORN is all about.

– Finally, McCain lived up to his nickname McNasty. He loves to give the zinger, is thrilled when he thinks he gave a good shot and his wicked grimace makes the little hairs on my head stand on end. He is impatient, aggressive and gets easily agitated. These are not good qualities in a President.

– CBS’ Instant Poll:

– Angry Grumpy Old Man:

–  Here is the much talked about Joe the Plumber. Turns out that Joe was not undecided after all.

–  Listen to Keith and Rachel speak about ACORN, etc:

– And finally, here was the moment that made my head explode:



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