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The Culture War Rages on October 19, 2008

Posted by judylobo in Politics, Videos.
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When you cannot win on policy or ideas go for the jugular. In Repugnant end of the campaign fashion, they are hitting below the belt. They are trying to whip up their base into a frenzy about the possibility of an Obama Presidency by appealing to the only thing they know how to do – play to fear. Will it work again? Can they win on accusations of anyone else but them being Un-American? I do not think this time it will work. I will be back at my home base on Tuesday as we hit the last 14 days until election day. Anybody else nervous out there?

– This is repulsive:

– This sounds good to me:

– If you missed Sarah Palin’s cameo on SNL last night check out this link.

–  Frank Rich is a MUST read today.

– For a laugh or two check out Stephen Colbert on McCain’s future job.



1. Renee Branch-Wagner - October 19, 2008

Colin Powell”s statement this Morning thrilling, despite the icewater Tom
Brokaw threw on it.

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