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The Backwards ‘B’ October 25, 2008

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Yesterday morning when I saw that story about the young Repugnant campaign worker, Ashley Todd, who claimed she was attacked by a 6’4″ black man who saw her McSame bumper sticker, I instantly knew it was a hoax. Did you see the backwards letter ‘B” on her cheek? Any idiot that has watched two episodes of Law & Order knew that she did the deed herself while looking in a mirror. The most outrageous thing about this false claim is that the beat of centuries old racism continues in some communities around the US. Shame on the Repugnants for spreading this story and kudos to the Pittsburgh Police Department who did their job and got her to admit it was a hoax. There are lots of great photos floating out there these days. Hats off to my CA connections for the photo on the left.

–  Here is Keith and Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson on the same subject:

– Its been eight long years since the boys said wassup to each other. Even with the effects of a down economy and imminent change in the White House, the boys are still able to come together and stay true to what really matters.

–  Here is a funny cautionary tale for you:



1. BungalowBILL - October 25, 2008

Put Ashley the Liar with Joe the Plumber and Sarah Sixpack Palin in the pile of attempts by the Republicans to put a “real” face to a false issues. The thought of McCain and Palin calling to comfort her before they found out any facts only emphasizes why they should not be allowed access to nuclear codes.

2. lorraine - October 28, 2008

As much as I am going to hate living under a communist regime with no free and open press, I will enjoy the knowng how much more difficult it will be for the Rachel Madow’s, Bill Maher’s and Oliver Stone’s of the world when they realize that it was their own hand that closed them down!

3. Joe Ashcraft - October 29, 2008

My military buddy, whose been to Iraq and is going to Afghanistan, likes the “Whuzzap” video… except there are no pay phones in Iraq. They would have all been stolen for the copper in the wires.

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